Metablogging at Bloggercon

At the bloggers’ reception at the OCLC Blue Suite:
I would be live blogging the OCLC bloggers’ reception, but don’t have an Internet connection available here, so instead I’m typing it up onsite and will have to post it later. Meanwhile, It’s All Good does have their blog open for us attendees to post.

Met the Curmudgeony Librarian in person here. He’s the one responsible for the T-shirt I’ve been wearing today.

I’ve collected URLs of Blogs I Should Check from the badges here.

This reminds me of the phenomenon of online groups back in the glory days of Compuserve and other 80’s dialup services, where after participating in chat rooms for months, the members would arrange an actual FTF at someone’s house and people would fly in from around the country to meet in person. Of course we have the technology now to post our photos on our blogs so people will know what we look like ahead of time, but we don’t do that. The more things change …

Back at the hotel:
Having recently moved again I couldn’t find my battery recharger before ALA. As a result, my camera batteries ran out after I took bloggercon photos and before I could post them here. Mission tomorrow: get a flashing Google button from the Google booth get batteries.

Thank you to the OCLC and WebJunction and BlogJunction crew. It was nice to meet you and I appreciated the veggies and the swag (the same orange beach bag mentioned in someone else’s previous post) and most of all, the opportunity to meet fellow litabloggers!

Finally, the pictures

OCLC bloggers suite
Here’s WebJunction!
Munchies galore
Munchies galore.
OCLC bloggers
OCLC bloggers again
Would you believe … more bloggers?
And still more bloggers
It’s All Good!
Not An Ashtray
Sign in planter seen on exiting the hotel 😉

2 thoughts on “Metablogging at Bloggercon”

  1. You’re welcome, Genny. And IAG, WJ, OCLC–we all had a ball last night.

    Interesting the Compuserve reference. There are two members of the OCLC creative team who worked on the Compuserve member magazine in the heydey of the online groupie phenomenon you describe…and they’ve talked about the shared enthusiasm of those sessions, too.

    Let us know when you post the Blogs You Should Check; I think a lot of us wished we had written down all those URLs.

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