7 thoughts on “Keynote Slides”

  1. Roy,

    Thanks for the excellent presentation. I really enjoyed it. However, text in the mini-movie presentation don’t fit on the screen. Perhaps a compatibility issue? I am using XP with Office 2003. Must be the font that is missing…

  2. Sorry, working from a Mac my font choices are…well…richer. I’ll see what I can do to recreate the “real” experience. Thanks for reminding me about the big divide.

  3. Roy’s presentation uses an OS X font called Marker Felt. A little poking around in your search engine of choice will turn up a freebie version of Marker Felt Thin, which is a pretty close match, just a little, well, thinner. If you’d rather not install a new font, use the execrable Comic Sans .

    Open worldasweknowit.pps in PowerPoint and do Format/Replace Fonts and switch “Marker Felt” to either Marker Felt Thin or Comic Sans. Do a “Save As” to another *.pps file and you’re good to go.

    N.B. Comic Sans renders just a little larger than Marker Felt, so a few things will still run off screen a little.

  4. Thanks to Thomas, I’ve now made a version of the presentation available for Windows users substituting “Comic Sans” for the “Marker Felt”. I adjusted the size so it fits.

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