ETIG – emerging technology interest group

Emerging Technologies IG (*very brief* I was a tad late). Free wheeling discussion – Michelle B sounded like she got good notes…

Mentioned Emory podcasting prof & Boilercast at Purdue.
FRBR-ized displays
Draw knowledge from external (non-library) vendors for easeof applications?

<5% library virtual users start at a library catalog – user defined pathways need to be explored, modeled, and incorporated into search structure

Changing focus from “search” to “find” Ambient Findability – book with which to follow up


Switch from DVD/VHS to streaming & synchronous/asynchronous downloads – which can be placed in ot linked form online exhanced classes or placed in syllabi.

Search interfaces, NCSU, Grokker, 3D/spatial representation of search results

[Re-phrasing]ETIG/LITA is starting to be more aware of PLA technology discussions[/re-phrasing]
PLA is starting technology discussions – there is not much, if any, LITA involvement – we need to get into and help inform their discussions. Infiltrate all the ALA silos.

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5 thoughts on “ETIG – emerging technology interest group”

  1. PLA has had technology discussions for years. The way you wrote it, it seems as ifl PLA just started talking about technology yesterday. Not true.

    I think that LITA involvement with PLA is a great idea, but I also think that PLA should be involved in LITA discussions. I don’t understand why the divisions are not sharing expertise with members of all division committees. We need liaisons from each division in other divisions (ambassadors, if you will).

    Last: Infiltrate? Bad choice of words. Why the dominance factor? How about “provide advice” or “assist”? We’re not at war. We’re allies.

  2. Thanks for pointing those out, Steven. I phrased what I meant poorly.
    re: ‘infiltrate’ – that was left over laughter, on my part, from light humour at the LITA Town Meeting; your verbiage choices are semantically closer to my intent than mine 🙂

  3. And here’s the complete minutes, as posted to LITA-L:

    I. Maurice York, as past chair, welcomed attendees and
    gave a brief introduction to the nature of the group and it’s purpose. 2005
    was a very active year for the IG. Recent activites included two very
    successful programs at ALA Annual in Chicago: a program entitled “Policies
    and Practices of Institutional Repositories” that had over 200 attendees
    and included speakers from Cornell, Florida State, the University of
    Rochester, Georgia Tech and the University of Pennsylvania. The second
    program was entitled “Google and Libraries: What’s Next for Google Print
    and Google Scholar.” The program included Google’s lead project manager for
    Print and Scholar, as well as the project leads for all five Google
    libraries, and drew between 500 and 600 attendees. ETIG also co-sponsored
    two programs at Chicago, one on RFID with the RFID Interest Group and one
    on Project Shibboleth with the Open Source Systems Interest Group.

    II. Eric Ipsen, the incoming chair, facilitated a discussion about the
    primary program being sponsored by the IG for the upcoming conference in
    New Orleans. The program is titled “Ebook 3.0: Look, listen, and play”, a
    program that will bring together a number of vendors who are working with
    next-generation ebook technology to provide a forum for them to discuss
    their approaches to ebooks and why make the case for their business model
    and technology strategy as it relates to the future of ebooks in libraries.
    The speakers for the program will be drawn from a pool of the companies
    PlayAway, Sony, Apple, Oreilly Media (a member of the Open Content
    Alliance), Overdrive, and A lively discussion followed in
    which the group talked about the implications of new ebook technologies for
    libraries and possibilities for what questions to target for the program. A
    representative from the startup PlayAway in attendance introduced their
    approach to ebooks by distributing durable
    hardware devices pre-loaded with single audio books. Further discussion
    touched on the Open Content Alliance model of sharing content for the
    community to build services on top of, markup and personalization of ebook
    content, the question of the “all-in-one” device versus the elegant
    single-purpose device, standards in file formats and compatibility, and the
    differences between the public and academic library communities. The group
    felt this was a topic of strong appeal for programming at Annual. Further
    details of the discussion can be found on the LITA blog.

    Maurice York also discussed the second program the group is sponsoring for
    Annual, a program on podcasting in the classroom and the possibilities for
    libraries to become involved in this emerging boom technology on college
    and university campuses.

    III. The group discussed recent efforts to generate group discussion
    outside of conference meetings, which in the last couple of years have
    included a listserv and a forum on WebJunction. The group thought a
    different approach might meet with more success. A proposal to use LITA-L
    and especially the LITA blog to greater effect met with general approval.

    III. The interest group is up for renewal this year. The question of
    renewal was put before the group, and all were in favor of continuing the
    IG under its current charter.

    IV. The group selected a new chair elect for the coming year.

    FUTURE_ACTIVITIES = Complete planning for the two programs for Annual New
    Orleans, and co-sponsor a program on RFID technology with the RFID Interest

    The chair also plans to expand between-conference communications for the
    group and establish steering groups for discussion on leading topics of
    interest to the IG.

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