Flickr with LITA!

Ladies and gentlemen, charge your camera phones!

Any erstwhile bloggers, LITA Exec/Board types, sundry LITA members, or staff who would like to post to LITA’s Flickr account, give me or Michelle Boule a holler. We have a special email address you can use for posting (good for cameraphones), or you can send pix to the group, below.

The Flickr account:

Consider adding it as a contact…

The group:

Consider joining the group…

Someone on another list raised the question of Flickr’s privacy policy. Is this an issue? Should we discuss it here and/or at ALA?

If you are a Flickr-a-go-go type, the Flickr account could use some prinking–a graphic, etc.–and we would love it if you gave the Flickr account some TLC!

One thought on “Flickr with LITA!”

  1. OK, I put a 48×48 px LITA logo in the Pix4LITA group pool. Group administrator (pix4lita account) needs to set the pool to actually use this logo. Unless you would prefer to use the bloo kangaroo, which kinda matches the LITA logo 😉

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