6 thoughts on “Liveblogging the Flying Saucer”

  1. We were a lively crew, though sadly undressed compared to the costumed wait staff and customers. Luckily we were there early and left before the big political rally started. In attendance were: Jason Griffey, Zoe Stewart-Marshall, Thomas Dowling, Heidi Hanson, Aaron Dobbs, Genny Engel, James Rhyne, Rachel Vacek, Raylynn Hughes, John Glavine, Danielle Plumer, David Fiander, Alex Hess, Alex Merrill, Brian Thompson, Jamie Bush and Tom and Laura (whose last names I neglected to note). A good mix of new timers and not so new timers, good discussions and excellent libations. Too bad it’s a whole year until next Forum. See ya in Denver!!!

  2. I’d like a full report on the “assorted beverage glasses” notation! 😉 That is, if any of you can remember!

  3. I neglected to mention that those assorted beverage glasses were in various stages of partially/half-full/empty-ness. ‘Assorted’ is an adjective to ‘beverage,’ and the double-adjectival phrase modifies the conatiners, indicating type thereof.
    Clear as mud, I hope?

  4. Actually, compared to the wait staff we were over-dressed. They were wearing far less than us, although what they had on was definitely fancier.

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