Multimedia Tutorials for Remote Users

Show me the librarian that doesn’t have repetitive questions that receive repetitive answers and I’ll show you oceanfront property in West Las Vegas. If, on the other hand you are a librarian that would like to have a video recording of the steps you have repeated over and over, then video tutorials are a route you may want to consider.

Whoa! I’m not a videographer! You don’t have to be a programmer, professional videographer or uber geek to use screen capturing software and developing video tutorials. There are several options available to the novice tutorial developer. All of them are relatively easy.

A few examples:

TechSmith’s Camtasia
My Screen Recorder
Instant Demo

The price range on these software packages runs from just under $30 to around $300.
Instant Demo and My Screen Recorder are on the low end, Camtasia is in the middle and Captivate is on the high end of the price range. File size runs conversely to the price range listings.

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