Trends from Karen Coombs

I’ve posted some trend thoughts for Midwinter over at Library Web Chic. Please feel free to comment on what I’ve said either here or there and I’ll look forward to seeing you all bright and early tomorrow (1/13/2008) morning at 8 am!

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Karen A. Coombs has an MLS and an MS in Information Management from Syracuse University. She serves at the Head of Web Services at the University of Houston Libraries. Her duties there include development and maintainence of the libraries’ web site and electronic presence. Prior to working for the University of Houston Libraries, Karen worked as the Electronic Services Librarian at SUNY Cortland. Her duties there included development of the library web site, design and maintainance of the library’s Web catalog, development and maintenace of the library’s web-based systems, maintainance of electronic resources, and a host of other duties as assigned.

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