LITA Education Committee Meeting

The Education Committee met on Sunday, January 13, 2008 with 12 members and guests present. This was the first meeting since the merger of the old Education Committee and the Regional Institutes Committee created the new Education Committee.

The By-Laws and Organization Committee sent Helen Gbala to the meeting to discuss the charge of the committee. Since the charge was just written by the board and presented to the new committee last June, the members asked to try out the charge to see how it works before making comment.

The committee spent most of the meeting time discussing two topics: the continuing education needs survey of LITA members and potential online courses or webinars that LITA could offer. The survey should be ready to go by late spring. It will include questions on educational topics, preferred delivery method (live or async), reasonable costs, and other issues.

Interspersed with discussion of the survey the committee discussed offering online and live courses with these points:

Hot topics sell (Web 2.0, JPEG 2000)
Need a plan or schedule for courses going forward
Develop an application form to disseminate to the members
Need a webinar product like OPAL or Illuminate
LITA has access to Moodle

Before adjourning the group discussed possible times for the next meeting. It’s hard to pick a meeting time that doesn’t conflict with something else important.

LITA Education Committee

The Education Committee met for the last time before merging with the Regional Institutes Committee to become the new (ta-da) Eduation Committee.

Susan Logue, as LITA board liaison, reported on the board meeting and shared information about the board’s assignments and expectations for the newly merged committee.

Included in the charge for the new committee are these points:

  1. Create 3-5 short online events
  2. Create liaisons to LITA interest groups for ideas
  3. Create an education committee wiki and supply editor for it from the committee members
  4. Create and maintain list of tools for educational initiatives
  5. Monitor delivery of 2 institutional repositories’ offerings including an evaluation tool
  6. Goal for the committee is to have two new courses per year

Discussion by all members present centered on how to fulfill these assignments, whether it was possible to do so by a volunteer committee, and where to begin. The committee agreed on the need to do the educational needs survey first.

Mark Wahrenbrock discussed his sample survey that was previously distributed to committee members. He will collect questions from the committee members and compile them into a survey that can be sent to LITA members using Survey Monkey which is available through the ALA office.