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Plan to Attend 2014 LITA Forum, Albuquerque NM, Nov. 5-8, 2014

2014 LITA Forum
Albuquerque, NM
November 5-8, 2014

Registration Now Open!

Plan now to join us in Albuquerque, New Mexico, at the Hotel Albuquerque for the 2014 LITA Forum, a three-day educational event that includes preconferences, general sessions, and more than 30 concurrent sessions.

Registration is limited in order to preserve the important networking advantages of a smaller conference. Take advantage of the informal Thursday evening reception and Friday evening networking dinners to get to know LITA leaders, Forum speakers, and your colleagues.

2014 LITA Forum is the 17th annual gathering of technology-minded information professionals and is a highly regarded annual event for those involved in new and leading edge technologies in the library and information technology field. Comments from past attendees:
“Best conference I’ve been to in terms of practical, usable ideas that I can implement at my library.”
“I get so inspired by the presentations and conversations with colleagues who are dealing with the same sorts of issues that I am.”
“After LITA I return to my institution excited to implement solutions I find here.”
“This is always the most informative conference! It inspires me to develop new programs and plan initiatives.”

This Year’s featured Keynote Sessions:

AnnMarie Thomas, Associate Professor, University of St. Thomas, School of Engineering
Ms. Thomas co-founded, and co-directs, the University of St. Thomas Center for Pre-Collegiate Engineering Education, and served as the Founding Executive Director of the Maker Education Initiative where she worked to establish the national Maker Corps program.

Lorcan Dempsey, OCLC Vice President and Chief Strategist
Lorcan Dempsey oversees the research division and participates in planning at OCLC. Previously he worked at JISC in the UK, overseeing national information programs and services, and before that was Director of UKOLN, a national UK research and policy unit at the University of Bath.

Kortney Ryan Ziegler, Founder Trans*h4ck
Dr. Ziegler is the director of the multiple award winning documentary, STILL BLACK: a portrait of black transmen, runs the GLAAD Media Award and is also the founder of Trans*H4CK–the only tech event of its kind that spotlights trans* created technology, trans* entrepreneurs and trans* led startups.

The Preconference Workshops include:

Linked Data for Libraries: How libraries can make use of Linked Open Data to share information about library resources and to improve discovery, access, and understanding for library users
Led by: Dean B. Krafft and Jon Corson-Rikert, Cornell University Library

Learn Python by Playing with Library Data
Led by: Francis Kayiwa, Kayiwa Consulting

2014 LITA Forum sponsors include:

for registration and additional information.

Join us in Albuquerque!

LITACamp Wrap-up

A big huge thanks to everyone involved in the first ever
May 7-8, 2009
Colombus, Ohio
The terrific Keynote/daily kick off speakers:
Joan Frye Williams
John Blyberg
The sponsors:
The LITA Camp Task Force
Mark Beatty
David Ward
Jennifer Ward
Michelle Frisque
Zoe Marshall
Peter Murray
Maurice York
Eric Childress
Holly Tomren
Lisa Thomas
and in particular the 50+ attendees.

The conference wiki is the source to check at:

Experience is showing that attendees interest, contributions and level of participation really makes a “camp”. The LITACamp had a diverse, lively, eager, and really flexible group that contributed to a great experience for all. We were able to utilize a number of un-conference techniques to allow everyone to share and discover want they came to camp for.

Each day began with a kick off speaker. Joan Frye Williams the first day and John Blyberg the second. Both provided important thought provoking ideas on the nature and futures of technology and libraries. There were stimulating ideas and conversations that urged but did not dominate or overshadow attendees ideas and concerns.

The theme that quickly emerged from the campers and continued in many variations for the whole un-conference was “User Experience”. That theme colored almost every other topic as for example how can libraries improve UX, deliver the patron expectations of UX and convince our colleagues of the importance of UX.

For full reports in all manner of methods check out the conference sessions notes at:

Some random thoughts and general notes about LITACamp
The OCLC Conference facilities were excellent, the was staff great, good wifi everywhere, and when power strips were requested they showed up almost instantly. There were loads of rooms of various sizes, all well equipped, to meet all our diverse needs. An especially big thanks to Eric Childress who so generously arranged with LITA the conference facilities.
Holly Tomren and Lisa Thomas did a super job with Twitter and the camp. They made sure there was a universal hashtag and that everyone knew about it. Then they made sure Twitter was used. Finally they made sure the archive was captures. Check the Session Notes page. Holly and Lisa have written up their Twitter experiments and experience, in particular from LITACamp, as part of their ALA Emerging Leader project. It describes techniques and procedures which will be used by LITA.
uStream videos were made of short interviews. Just a laptop and a wireless connection were needed. These are on the Session Notes page too.
Thanks to Sheila Zillner of WiLS for the LITACamp graphic.
Large thanks to the LITA staff for loads of support and encouragement.
Excellent local arranging from Peter Murray and Zoe Marshall, with a great deal of flexibility to include the opening night of the new Star Trek and then due to family and other commitment neither of them were able to attend.
My personal thanks to David Ward, Michelle Frisque, Jennifer Ward and Maurice York for stepping up and really keeping the process moving forward at several different times during the planning and production of the event. Among so many other things David was the wiki master, Jennifer the Facebook group and Michelle wrangled sponsors.
If you’re looking for someone to blame, it’s all my, Mark Beatty, fault (grin).

LITA Happy Hour

Friday, January 11, 2008, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Please join the LITA Membership Development Committee and members from around the country for networking, good cheer, and great fun! Expect lively conversation and excellent drinks.
Cebu Restaurant and Bar123 Chestnut Street, Old City, Philadelphia (215) 629-1100

The hosts at Cebu have offered LITA the following:

Drink Specials:
$3 House Mixed Drinks
$2.50 Domestic Beer
$5 Long Island Iced Tea
$5 House Apple Martini’s and Cosmopolitans
$5 House Red or White Wine
15% discount (Limited to food bill only, must be seated in Main dining area)
Sampler of various Hors d’ oeuvres stationed at the Main Bar

Be sure to print out this flier [pdf] and bring it to Cebu; it is your discount card for the evening (copies will also be available at the LITA table)

LITA Applicants for the ALA Emerging Leaders Program

It’s time to apply to the ALA 2008 Emerging Leaders program.

What Is the Emerging Leaders Program?
Emerging Leaders began in 2007 and ALA has committed to making this program available annually. The Emerging Leaders program enables 120 new librarians to get on the fast track to ALA and professional leadership. To find out how you can participate in Emerging Leaders ’08 review the information below.

How Are Emerging Leaders Chosen?
Applications for the 2008 Emerging Leaders program are now available and the deadline for submission will be: August 15, 2007. 60 open application candidates and 60 sponsored candidates will be chosen, for a total of up to 120 participants. Every effort will be made to get representation by type of library, geography, and diversity. Requirements for applicants include:
1) ALA member, and
2) Young (under 35 years) or new librarians of any age with fewer than 5 years post-MLS experience, and
3) Recent MLS degree from an ALA or NCATE accredited program or in an MLS program currently, and
4) Able to attend both ALA conferences and work virtually in between, and
5) Ready to commit to serve on an ALA, Division, Chapter, or Round Table committee, taskforce or workgroup upon completion of program.

For information on proposed activities for the new crop of 2008 Emerging Leaders check the wiki at:

Start your application process at:

On the application form, at the Sponsorships: section, make sure you designate Library and Information Technology Association (LITA). A copy of your application will be automatically forwarded to LITA for consideration as a LITA sponsored Emerging Leader. Plus LITA can then track all LITA applicants to the program.

Again the deadline for submission will be: August 15, 2007.

The LITA Board of Directors, in its support of the initiative, has voted to sponsor one of our members who are accepted into the program. LITA is committed to membership development and this initiative to support new leaders in our profession. The selected LITA participant will join other ALA members and attend Emerging Leaders meetings in Philadelphia and Anaheim. Contingent upon the member’s acceptance to the Emerging Leaders 2007 program, LITA will provide one member with a $500 stipend for travel to each of the 2008 conferences, for a total of $1000 in stipend money.
LITA sponsorship is not required for application, but it will give you some preference in the selection process.

Mark Beatty
LITA President

LITA Standards Interest Group program

At the Annual 2007 American Library Association conference in
Washington in June, the LITA Standards Interest Group sponsored a program
entitled “Using Metadata Standards in Digital Libraries: implementing METS,
MODS, PREMIS and MIX”. This session explored how libraries are using
emerging standards to manage and provide navigation for digital library
objects and featured the following:

* Rebecca Guenther, Library of Congress: Using Metadata
Standards in Digital Libraries: Introduction to METS, MODS, PREMIS and MIX
* Morgan Cundiff, Library of Congress: Using and to Create XML Standards-based Digital Library Applications
* Nathan Trail, Library of Congress: How to Build, Display and Find METS Objects
* Brian Tingle, California Digital Library: Use of METS in CDL Digital Special Collections
* Sarah Shreeves, University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign: Creating Rich Shareable Metadata: the DLF Aquifer MODS implementation guidelines
* Tom Habing, University of Illinois Urbana/Champaign: METS, MODS and PREMIS, Oh My!: Integrating Digital Library Standards for Interoperability and Preservation
* Tod Olson, University of Chicago: MODS as Data Hub

The Library of Congress has made the presentations available at:

Lita Town Meeting 2007 Report

Lita Town Meeting 2007 Report:
Including Results from the Group Snow Card Activity.

Big huge thanks to Michelle Boule for compiling the large stack of papers and cards into something that resembled an organized mass.

LITA Town Meeting

What does success look like for LITA and it’s members? Mark Beatty, LITA Vice President, gave a quick environmental scan. Then the LITA members at the Town Meeting engaged in small group brain storming and clustered their ideas into categories. Attending members were asked to generate their ideas as a reaction to Mark’s introductory scan, their own current thoughts on the state of libraries and LITA, the LITA strategic plan and a small set of questions about LITA. Details on the group activity are below along with the results.

One of the easiest and interestingly the most significant remarks that could be made about the town meeting is that people had fun. The quite full 80 plus member meeting consisted of the full range of LITA members in length of membership. All ideas were equal. All attendees jumped in and participated equally. All worked to contribute to LITA while exchanging ideas, information, knowledge, opinions and friendship in an open and welcoming social setting. As the results below show the Town Meeting, and it’s fun, in many ways embodied what the attendees said they want LITA to be.

A 25 minute podcast of an interview with Mark Beatty and Michelle Boule after the Town Meeting can be heard at:

Setting the Environment

The initial theme was ‘Delivering Value to the Membership”

We wanted to gather ideas about LITA including:
What are the indicators of success
What defines value to the membership
What environments do we need to pay attention to
To define it another way. Let’s assume that we are mostly in the business of education of one sort or another and we want to deliver true value to our members. Then what does success look like for LITA and it’s members?
What value would members be getting?
What would motivate members to volunteer?
What would keep volunteers?
What would our menu of services look like?

We want to consider any new ideas in the light of the LITA Strategic Plan:

The LITA Vision is:
As the center of expertise about information technology, the Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) leads in exploring and enabling new technologies to empower libraries. LITA members use the promise of technology to deliver dynamic library collections and services.

The LITA Mission Statement is:
LITA educates, serves and reaches out to its members, other ALA members and divisions, and the entire library and information community through its publications, programs and other activities designed to promote, develop, and aid in the implementation of library and information technology.

Here are some of the current environment variables that are being talked about for communities and libraries.

Continue reading

LITA Town Meeting

LITA President-Elect Mark Beatty invites LITA members to the LITA Town Meeting, to be held on Monday, January 22, 2007, from 8–10 a.m. in Room 606 of the Washington State Convention & Trade Center in Seattle.

Recent years’ Town Meeetings have focused on gathering input for the LITA Strategic Plan, which was approved by the LITA Board at Annual Conference 2005 in Chicago

This year’s Town Meeting will be an idea gathering discussion based on the Strategic Plan, the current environment in the library world, and the question:
What does success look like for LITA and it’s members?

Mark Beatty will give a quick environmental scan. Then the LITA members at the Town Meeting will engage in small group brain storming and cluster ideas in a Tag Cloud like way.

The LITA Blog will be used to inform LITA members of the ideas gathered, solicit their additional input and to follow-up the discussion after the conference. The perspective of members unable to attend conferences is critical to the success of this key strategic initiative.