Tell us what you envision for LITA

Were you unable to attend LITA’s Town Meeting at Midwinter 2013 in Seattle? We would still like to hear from you!

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey and give the LITA leadership your thoughts on what works in LITA and what you’d like to see LITA become.

Not a LITA member? No worries, we want to hear from you, too!

Thank you from your friendly, neighborhood VP. 🙂

Join us during the Town Meeting, from wherever you are

Hi, everyone!

This year’s Town Meeting will be Monday, January 28, from 8:30 – 10:00 PDT, in room 302 of the Convention Center.  We will be streaming audio, and we welcome your participation via IRC and a Google Doc.  Here are the details:

Because of the wifi challenges, the Town Meeting is a bit broken up on the recordings. The recording is in three parts, but almost the entire thing is available. 🙂 The challenges of streaming and recording at conferences seemingly never end. Thanks for your patience and interest.

Part the First

Video streaming by Ustream

Part the Next

Video streaming by Ustream

Part the Last

Video streaming by Ustream

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream

  • IRC: #litatm (instructions below)
  • Google Doc
  • Please tag your tweets with #litatm

Please note the chat will be logged for future reference and projected in the room for the benefit of those without devices, as will the Google Doc.

Join us in IRC chat. Never done IRC before? It’s easy!

  • Go to :
  • Type in your nickname of choice.
  • Type in #litatm in Channels.
  • You don’t need to click the Auth to services box.
  • You do need to fill in the CAPTCHA.
  • Some codes will scroll through the status tab, and then a #litatm tab will open.
  • You are in! Say hi and chat with us 🙂
  • When you want to leave type /quit
  • Type /me to refer yourself as your nick in the 3rd person.  (If you type “/me likes this”, it will show up as “yournickname likes this”.)
<I>These draw heavily from Bohyun Kim’s IRC instructions. Thanks, Bohyun!  And thanks to Andromeda Yelton, too! :)</i>

LITA Top Tech Trends – ALA Midwinter 2013

Below will be the live stream for the LITA Top Tech Trends panel at ALA Midwinter 2013 in Seattle, WA! We’ll be live at 10:30am Pacific Time, and after the show will embed the recording here as well. Enjoy!

Topic: If Data resides in a Cloud environment, is it still mine?
Panelists: Roy Tennant, Bess Sadler, Todd Carpenter, Carl Grant (moderator), John Law, Mackenzie Smith, Julie Speer
Tweet questions to us with hashtag #alamwttt

Part One, just a few minutes of recording before the wifi went crazy.

Video streaming by Ustream

We missed 8 or so minutes of conversation, then got it running again for Part Two.

Video streaming by Ustream

LITA Town Meeting at #alamw13 in Seattle

You can read all the gory details in this Connect thread, but if you’re going to ALA Midwinter in Seattle next week, please consider joining the LITA Board for this year’s Town meeting, where we will enjoy breakfast, and then work together to Re-imagine LITA.

Monday, January 28, 8:30 – 10:00 a.m., TCC 302.
Agenda (subject to change and tweaking)
  • Breakfast 8:30 – just before 9
  • Introduction (membership & financial trends, Reimagining ALA) – Cindi (10 m)
  • Appreciative Inquiry – all (10 m)
  • Re-imagining LITA activity – all (30 m)
  • Re-imagining reporting (10m) – group recorders
  • Closing (summary, announcement of followup activities) (5 m) – Cindi
Want to help? Volunteer by commenting on Connect.
I hope to see you there, in person or online!  Details regarding how to participate virtually will be forthcoming.


LITA Happy Hour MW 2013

Friday, January 25, 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm, Elephant & Castle, 1415 5th Ave. Seattle

Please join the LITA Membership Development Committee and members from around the country and beyond for networking, good cheer, and great fun! Expect lively conversation and excellent drinks. Cash Bar.  See you there!

LITA workshops at ALA Midwinter Meeting

LITA is offering two full-day workshops, to be held from 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Friday, January 25 at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Seattle.

Building Web Applications with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript: An Introduction to HTML5; Washington State Convention Center, room TCC 204
Speaker: Jason Clark, Montana State University
Geolocation, Native video, Offline storage, Semantic markup elements, Responsive web design, Canvas elements, Voice input, Drag and Drop, Opacity, Gradients… HTML5 has been released and is changing the way web developers work. With wide support in mobile browsers and the latest browser releases from Google and Firefox, HTML5 is poised to be the technology that will help build the next version of the Web. In this workshop, we’ll look at some of the possibilities, trends, and enhancements that HTML5, CSS3, and the new Javascript APIs enable. As a workshop deliverable, we’ll talk through the specifics of implementation and work through building a prototype HTML5 application.

Developing a Web Analytics Strategy for Your Library: Using Data to Measure Success; Washington State Convention Center, room TCC 205
Speakers: Tabatha Farney, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs; Nina McHale, Arapahoe Library District
Web analytics strategy combines the library’s mission, identified website goals, and customized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure those goals. A web analytics strategy is essential for libraries because it helps them focus on the data that matters and defines what a library expects from an effective site. It also guides future development of the site and indicates potential areas for usability testing. The workshop covers important web analytics concepts, metrics, and reports, discusses best practices for creating a web analytics strategy, specifically focusing on goal creation and selecting KPIs that fit; and demonstrates how to review the website use data to determine if the site is meeting the set expectations and the actions to take if it is not. Recommendations on how to report and share this data will also be included. By the end of the session, each participant will have a beginning draft to a web analytics strategy that contains measurable goals and identified KPIs that fit their library’s needs. While no prior experience with web analytics is required, participants should have access to the web analytics tool used to track they website they want to focus on in this session.

Please note: you do not have to register for ALA Midwinter Meeting to attend a workshop. Visit the LITA website for more information on registration and other LITA events at ALA Midwinter.