Liveblog of LITA Town Hall Meeting Midwinter '09

Join us virtually at the LITA Town Hall Meeting. If you’re in Denver, we’re in Korbel 2C.

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  2. surferblue

    I was at the LITA Town Hall discussion this morning, and I didn’t even realize that this live chat was underway. Was this chat announced at the session?

  3. ctrainor

    This was set up during the middle of the session, by some of us sitting at a table near the back. I think when it was our turn to give our answers, Roy Tennant mentioned that we were blogging the comments, in addition to sending twitter messages of the event.

    It definitely would have been better to set this up beforehand, and I hope that more of this can happen not only at LITA but any ALA or other library association event.

  4. mfrisque

    I have to admit that I dropped the ball. I was going to ask members of BIGWIG to organize this for me and I forgot until I walked in the door and saw Jason sitting at the back table. Thanks to Jason Griffey, Roy Tennant, Aaron Dobbs, Cindy Trainor, Kenley Neufeld, Jenny Reiswig, and those I can not remember for setting this up on the spot. I truly appreciate it.

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