Past Writers

Mike Cendejas

Mike is a Web Services & Technologies Librarian at Bridgepoint Education, supporting both the University of the Rockies and Ashford University. A Southern California native, he graduated from the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Science in 2009 and, aside from a two-year stint delivering pizzas, has worked in higher education ever since. Projects range from managing the library websites & administering LibApps to keeping EZproxy stanzas up to date. When he’s not sitting in a cubicle, he enjoys playing the mandolin and spending time with his wife and almost-two-year-old daughter. He tweets sporadically from @NotReadyForProd and blogs extremely infrequently from

Lindsay Cronk

Editor Emeritus

Lindsay – librarian, blogger, and adventurer – works in collection strategies at the University of Rochester. Her interests include collection data modeling and visualization, tools for library marketing and outreach, student research behavior, and later career David Bowie. You can catch her online at her blog or tweeting @linds_bot.

Lorelle Gianelli

Originally from New York, Lorelle currently works as a Corporate Librarian in Denver, Colorado. She received an MILS from SUNY Buffalo and before that, an MA in Criminal Justice from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Her first library gig was as a Business/Law Librarian at a local information management firm.  Professional interests include readers’ advisory, using environmental scanning to improve library services, staying current on emerging technologies, and exploring the potential of digital tagging. Outside of work she can be found watching the Mets, urban hiking, curating her Little Free Library, and blogging.


David Kwasny

David has been working as an information technology professional for ten years. He received both his BS IST and MLIS from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Currently, the Emerging Technologies Librarian at Marquette University. He is most interested in Digital Scholarship, Data Visualization, User Experience, API integration, and connecting digital environments with physical spaces. Follow him at @kwasmosis!

Brianna Marshall

Editor Emeritus

Brianna is the Director of Research Services at University of California-Riverside Library. She received her Master of Information Science and Master of Library Science from Indiana University’s School of Informatics and Computing. From 2012-2014 she was a writer and managing editor for the library student-run blog Hack Library School. She tweets at @notsosternlib and keeps a blog, too.


Victoria Orzechowski

Victoria is a Librarian at the Othmer Library of Chemical History, Chemical Heritage Foundation, in Philadelphia, PA. Her responsibilities span both public and technical services, including administration of the library’s Tumblr blog, Othmeralia, and Pinterest page. She received her MSLIS from Drexel University. Her professional interests include digital libraries, cataloging conundrums, and the use of social media for library outreach and marketing. Outside of the library, she enjoys gardening, attending craft fairs, and spending time with her family – activities which are all well-documented on her Pinterest boards and Instagram.

Whitni Watkins

Whitni is a Web Systems Engineer for the research library at Analog Devices, Inc.  in Boston. She received her BA in History and Philosophy from Southern Virginia University and her MLIS degree from San Jose State University. She’s worked in the public, academic and medical library sectors. Her professional interests include system management for academic libraries, user experience in physical and virtual spaces, social media, open source movements, and web development. She recently earned a grant to teach a series of coding workshops to her community. She has a strong passion for making the user experience better in both the physical and virtual spaces. Follow her @_whitni


Stephanie Piccino

Stephanie is a library specialist in the Martin County Library System in southeast Florida. She is also getting her MLIS through San Jose State University. Her interests are visual communications, graphic design, and teaching tech to newbies. When she’s not working she’s creating art, running, geeking out, or being hassled by her cat.

Nicole Palazzo

Nikki Palazzo is a second-year MLIS student at Dominican University. A Philadelphia native, she lived in South Carolina, where she earned her BA in English from College of Charleston and then worked for a library vendor, before moving to Chicago. While finishing up her degree with a Youth Services certificate, she works as a Learning Experiences intern with Skokie Public Library’s teen population. In addition to her interest in teen services, she’s interested in the role of libraries around the world during this era of increased globalization. When she’s not actively librarianing, Nikki reads, writes, runs, bikes, drinks tea, learns to speak German, and plays a lot of Bananagrams.


Leo Stezano

Leo is a Business Analyst at UC San Diego, working on intellectual property process optimization. He previous served as a Project Manager at the Avery Architecture and Fine Arts Library at Columbia University, working on the Seymour B. Durst Old York Library. His professional interests include digital librarianship, process optimization, and innovative technical project philosophies. He also enjoys playing soccer and raising two toddlers. You can follow Leo at @LeoStezano.

Image of Carlos Martinez

Carlos Martinez

Carlos is a Metadata Specialist Librarian at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s, National Agricultural Library. Originally from the South Texas, Carlos moved to the District with an intention of becoming and academic law librarian. A unique internship experience allowed him to explore the world of metadata and digital repository development. His posts will cover these topics, but he is also planning to share some information about the federal job application processes and information for library students who may be interested in a federal library internship program.


Nimisha Bhat

Nimisha is a South Dakota native now residing in Columbus, Ohio. She received her MLIS degree from Pratt Institute in 2013 and is now Technical Services/Instruction Librarian at Columbus College of Art & Design. Her professional interests revolve around diversity issues in libraries, advocacy through cataloging and coding, and digital humanities. In her spare time she likes to say hi and wave at dogs passing on the street but not to their human owners. Follow her @mishiebhat.

Bill Dueber

Bill is a Systems Librarian at the University of Michigan, focusing primarily on building and maintaining the Michigan and HathiTrust catalogs. Originally from Minnesota, he received MS degrees in Computer Science and then Instructional Systems from Indiana University and spends most of his days programming and fighting with library data. He occasionally blogs on nerdy topics at Robot Librarian and can be found on Twitter as @billdueber.


Marlon Hernandez

Marlon is an Information Science Technician at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he helps patrons throughout the steps of their research, hangs out with robots like TARS and deals with a temperamental 3D Printer. Outside of the library world, he loves to run and drink craft beer, both of which are the bulk of his Instagram photos. You can find out more about his ongoing MSIS projects and his past running/beer adventures on his personal website.


Bryan J. Brown

Bryan received his BS in English and Philosophy from the University of Southern Indiana, and is a recent graduate from Indiana University’s Department of Information and Library Science where he focused on digital libraries and metadata. After graduation, Bryan transplanted to Tallahassee, FL to be a developer at Florida State University Libraries’ Technology and Digital Scholarship Department. His professional interests include Open Source software in libraries and archives, digital preservation and the semantic web. For more information, check out


Brittney Farley

Brittney is in her final year as an MSLIS student at the Florida State University’s iSchool. Her specializations include information management/technology and human-computer interaction. She received her BA in History from the University of Florida. She is currently a library assistant in the City of Boca Raton Public Library’s Instructional Services department. Brittney blends her background, as help desk assistant and researcher, to better serve patrons of varying technical understanding.


Jorge E. Perez

Jorge is currently the Digital Learning and Information Technology Librarian for the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine at Florida International University in Miami, FL. His current projects involve updating the library’s website, blog and other social media outlets, LibGuide administrator, creating online video tutorials, working on archiving projects, and assisting faculty and students with technology. Jorge holds both an MLIS from the University of South Florida and an MA in Counseling and Psychology from TROY University. In his spare time he loves to spend time with his family, read, and increase his writing and publishing opportunities.


Jacob Shelby

Jacob is a Metadata and Cataloging Librarian at Iowa State University. While pursuing an MLS from Indiana University, Bloomington, Jacob concentrated the majority of his coursework in metadata studies, ranging from metadata creation to metadata maintenance and enhancement. His professional interests include linked data, metadata re-use, and metadata sharing initiatives. In his spare time Jacob enjoys coding, maintaining his blog, and playing board and computer games.


Lauren Hays

Lauren is the instructional and research librarian at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, KS. Along with her master’s in library science, she recently completed her second master’s degree in educational technology and also received a graduate certificate in online teaching and learning.  Her professional interests include information literacy, adult learners, online learning, technology, connected learning, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. In her spare time, she can be found drinking coffee, reading, or planning her next trip. Follow her on Twitter@Lib_Lauren.


Leanne Mobley

Leanne is the Scholarly Technologies Librarian at Indiana University. Her background is in media production and she is passionate about using technology to bring ideas to life. She is an ardent library lover and still carries her very first library card in her wallet. Find her on Twitter @hey_library.


Michael Rodriguez

Michael is the E-Learning Librarian at Hodges University in southwest Florida, with the faculty rank of Assistant Professor. With the mission of opening access, he manages library digital services and resources, including a $300,000 e-resources budget, the library website, and the ILS. He also also teaches and tutors students and liaises with the School of Liberal Studies and the School of Technology. In his off hours, he runs social media for LITA, publishes book reviews, does freelance copy editing and lecturing, and kayaks among the many mangrove islands off the Florida coast. He tweets enthusiastically @topshelver and blogs at Shelver’s Cove.

Grace Thomas

Grace is a first year grad student working toward a dual-degree MLIS at Indiana University. With a background in English, Computer Science, and Digital Humanities from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, she is especially interested in digital libraries and archives, and digital preservation. Currently, she works as a Graduate Assistant with associate professors John Walsh and Noriko Hara in the IU School of Informatics and Computing, and on the Petrarchive Digital Archive Project. Grace spends the rest of her time in swimming pools, watching any and all dance performances, and exploring Bloomington by bicycle, occasionally tweeting about all of the above at @gracehthom.