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Isn't it great to be in the library… wherever that is?

President’s Program: Isn’t it great to be in the library… wherever that is? Sunday June 29th, 2008, 4:00pm – 5:30pm (I apologize in advance for the level of detail here. I wasn’t able to get online and post right away and so I’m working from my handwritten notes – which are difficult to read at times and a bit cryptic at others. So, while I think a few statements are worth providing, I can’t recall the exact context of them. Rather than trying to guess, I’m simply providing them as-is.) Joseph Janes, from the University of Washington and columnist for American Libraries, kicked off this session with a presentation about the evolution of libraries and how we can define what they are, followed by a panel discussion by the It’s All Good blogging team. Joseph Janes presentation: The evolution of libraries isn’t necessarily tied to technology. Instead, it relates to…


Official Call for LITA Bloggers at ALA Annual

The ALA Annual Conference is just a few short weeks away, and we are again looking for volunteers to post brief summaries of LITA-sponsored sessions on the LITA Blog (  While you’re visiting Anaheim to learn, meet up with old friends, and engage in discussion about the newest new things in library technology, why not take this opportunity to share this experience with others? A current Blog Schedule can be found at  We would like to cover as many of the sessions as possible, so please feel free to pick one (or ten) and join the LITA Blogging Community. If you are interested, just contact me at tiffany dot lmb dot smith at gmail dot com with your name, e-mail and the sessions you would like to cover.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Thanks very much in advance!

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LITABlog upgrade update

As an effort towards transparency, here’s the latest on the LITABlog updates: we’re done! 🙂 Over the course of the last few hours, I just finished the last touches on the backend upgrades to LITABlog. These included: ensuring we are at the latest WordPress release (currently 2.3.3), making sure that all of our plugins are current and functional, moving from an older tagging plugin to the native WordPress tag support, upgrading our Podcasting abilities, making sure all of the existing media is still in place and functional, and generally cleaning under the hood. Result: a shiny, up-to-date LITABlog! Thanks for everyone’s patience. There will still likely be small changes as we implement a few things (tags, mainly) but overall LITABlog is back to business.