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Librarians in the Wild: Information Architecture

  As I explained in my previous post, the Librarians in the Wild series will highlight non-library fields that are a good match for librarians looking to expand their career horizons. Given LITA’s technology focus, I thought it would be appropriate to focus this first post on Information Architecture.   What is it? At its core, the field of Information Architecture is concerned with helping people (users) find what they’re looking for, typically in an online or application environment. Sound familiar? According to the Information Architecture Institute (IAI): A good IA helps people to understand their surroundings and find what they’re looking for – in the real world as well as online. Practicing information architecture involves facilitating the people and organizations we work with to consider their structures and language thoughtfully. Information Architecture is not focused on building systems; it is concerned with fulfilling user needs. Yes, technical know-how is useful, and usually the…

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Librarians in the Wild: Selling Librarian Skills Outside of Libraries

  When I decided to pursue the MLIS seven years ago, it wasn’t so that I could tap into a vast supply of readily available Librarian positions. I did it because I was drawn to the profession and intrigued about how technology was changing it. My first job search as a degree-toting Librarian was a lucky one: I happened to find a place who needed someone with a strong foundation in project management and web development as well as an interest in librarianship, and that is as good a description of my professional self as you will find. That’s how I ended up at Avery Library. Then life happened. As the project I was working on was ending, my wife and I decided to leave New York and return to San Diego. I’m not going to go into our reasons for moving, because they’re not relevant here; suffice it to say, my professional goals took a backseat to other considerations….

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Navigating Conferences Like a Pro… When You’re a Rookie

I’ve recently attended some of my first conferences/meetings post-MLIS and I thought I’d pass on the information I learned from my experience navigating them for the first time. Always be prepared to promote This is the most dreaded aspect of networking. It essentially implies schmoozing and self-aggrandizement, but if you consider it as a socializing you’ll realize it’s an essential part of getting to know others in the profession and the roles they play in their organization. If you’re new to the information profession, it can be a great opportunity to ask other professionals about the path they took to enter the industry. More often than not when they find that you’re new to the profession, they’ll offer you advice. They’ll be curious to know what your career goals are and why you’re attending. This is a great opportunity to ask for their business card or contact information. If you find that…