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LITABlog upgrade update

As an effort towards transparency, here’s the latest on the LITABlog updates: we’re done! 🙂 Over the course of the last few hours, I just finished the last touches on the backend upgrades to LITABlog. These included: ensuring we are at the latest WordPress release (currently 2.3.3), making sure that all of our plugins are current and functional, moving from an older tagging plugin to the native WordPress tag support, upgrading our Podcasting abilities, making sure all of the existing media is still in place and functional, and generally cleaning under the hood. Result: a shiny, up-to-date LITABlog! Thanks for everyone’s patience. There will still likely be small changes as we implement a few things (tags, mainly) but overall LITABlog is back to business.


LITA Election podcasts

Upcoming next week: the 2008 LITA Election podcast series! Last year we serenaded you with the dulcet tones of our nominees, to try and help you make informed choices about next year’s LITA Leadership. This year, we will do the same. All of the nominees were asked to participate in a question and answer session, and 6 of them took us up on the offer. With the help of the amazing David Lee King, we’re processing those interviews now, and will begin rolling them out next Monday, March 10th. We’ll have all of the audio out before the opening of the polls on March 17th, and we can all exercise our voting privileges. So make sure and swing by on Monday the 10th, and stay tuned all through the week. If you have any questions or problems with the podcasts as they are posted, please leave a comment and we’ll…


Next Generation Libraries: The 2.0 Phenomenon

Next Generation Libraries: The 2.0 Phenomenon Stephen Abram Joe James Stephen’s Lighthouse blog for slides Change is coming and everyone will be effected. FaceBook – get your name and face out there. Let them know your name. Stand behind your word. Get libraries to evolve by de-cloaking. Show who they are and what their specialties are. MySpace merging with Yahoo. Thompson just bought Reuters. Google Scholar serves your students up to advertisers. Advertisers pay to be on first page. Libraries are more complicated than Fed Ex. They only deliver one way. We deliver it out and get it back. IM and Meebo allow you to have a conversation. IM research increase risk students learning because they are familiar with this technology.


LITA Podcasts Presents: the LITA Candidates

  Welcome to the LITA Podcasts Election Series. For your listening pleasure, every few days a new group of LITA Officer hopefuls will be presented. Tune in here on LITABlog, via any RSS aggregator using our normal RSS feed, or now tune in via iTunes by clicking here or searching for LITA in the podcast area of the iTunes store. Each individual, regardless of office, was asked to answer the following questions: Describe your professional experience as it related to holding LITA office. What do you bring to this position? How do you envision LITA being a technology leader in ALA? Each candidate was interviewed by David Free who knows a few things about podcasting and who has been instrumental in making this a success. The schedule for the release of each group of candidates is as follows: March 15 – Vice President/President Elect Diane Bisom and Andrew Pace March…

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Meet the LITA Candidates for the 2007 Elections

Can’t get enough of the podcasts from Midwinter? Want to know more about the folks running for various positions on the LITA Board? Podcasts of interviews with all the candidates for the LITA election will be available beginning March 15 when the ALA polls open. The podcasts will be posted here on the LITA Blog and available from the LITA Web site’s election page. Interviews are currently being recorded for 2 candidates for Vice-President/President-Elect, 2 candidates for Councilor, 8 candidates for directors-at-large. Set up feeds to your RSS aggregator or iPod to listen in to what our slate of candidates have to say!


Greetings from the LITA President

I managed to corner both current LITA president Bonnie Postlewaite and Vice-President and President-Elect Mark Beatty at ALA Midwinter 2007 and get some brief video of them. We at LITABlog realize that not everyone attends conferences, and so might not recognize Bonnie or Mark. Hopefully these next couple of videos will put a face with the names…I apologize for the low audio, at Annual we’ll have a slightly better sound rig. First up: Bonnie Postlewaite, LITA President


Top Tech Trends Part 4 – Karen Schneider

In part four, we hear from Karen Schneider about her thoughts on the near-future of library technology. If you’re enjoying these podcasts, leave us a comment and let us know…we’d love to hear this is a valuable thing for our members. Plus, it will help us justify expanding our podcasting reach for Annual this summer. Thanks again to Maurice York, whose work allowed us to provide these to the LITA members.


Top Tech Trends

With enormous thanks to Maurice York, the first of many LITA Podcasts! There are seven segments in all for about an hour and forty-five minutes of trending goodness. For the sake of immediacy, this is pretty much the raw audio–not much editing or finessing. A more refined audio experience will be posted as we go. If you enjoy these, be on the lookout for more podcasts from the 2007 ALA Midwinter meeting from LITA. We’ll be podcasting more than just the Top Tech Trends in the upcoming days, including some video from the LITA officers, and reactions to the LITA Town Meeting. If you’ve never subscribed to a podcast before and would like some tips on how to subscribe or applications to use, post a comment to this post and I’ll go more into depth….just trying to get this up quickly for now!