Top Technology Trends from Sarah Houghton-Jan, ALA 2008

I had a lovely time presenting virtually, despite the sound issues on all ends. It still was a rather successful demonstration of virtual participation, and I think that was wonderful. Big thanks to Maurice York for organizing this for myself and Karen. I have 5 Trends I’d like to throw out there. I was able to cover three of them (#s 1-3) in the live presentation, but apparently the echo in the room made parts of what I said difficult to hear. So, here’s what I said verbatim, near as I can remember (plus the bonuses of #s 4 and 5). Let’s hit it. #1: Bandwidth Every library complains about bandwidth. Many people have faster access at home than at the library, which is a reversal of what we used to see when people came into the library to use our connections. The problem is multimedia, which is wonderful, but…

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LITABlog upgrade update

As an effort towards transparency, here’s the latest on the LITABlog updates: we’re done! 🙂 Over the course of the last few hours, I just finished the last touches on the backend upgrades to LITABlog. These included: ensuring we are at the latest WordPress release (currently 2.3.3), making sure that all of our plugins are current and functional, moving from an older tagging plugin to the native WordPress tag support, upgrading our Podcasting abilities, making sure all of the existing media is still in place and functional, and generally cleaning under the hood. Result: a shiny, up-to-date LITABlog! Thanks for everyone’s patience. There will still likely be small changes as we implement a few things (tags, mainly) but overall LITABlog is back to business.


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RUSA MAR–Chair’s Program Harnessing the Hive: Social Networks and Libraries Sunday, 6/24 10:30 am-12:00 pm Convention Center Room 144 A-C A standing room only crowd (300+) greeted what was definitely a hot topic (ubiquitous, too :D). The meeting included the RUSA MARS business meeting, which was brief. The Rethinking Reference preconference was sold out, and will be offered again next June. MARS is offering virtual poster sessions via their web site. I tried to find it. The announcement is here: I hope I can find the actual posters some time. Matthew M. Bejune from Purdue started the program. mbejune@purdue.edu He started with examples of social networking, some very well known (MySpace, Blogger, LiveJournal, AIM), to newer, less well-known such as couch surfing, webkinz (for children). Malene Charlotte Larsen has posted on 25 Perspectives on Social Networking. She has since added another ten perspectives. Doing research last fall, Matthew found 35…