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The Internet of Things

  Intel announced in January that they are developing a new chip called Curie that will be the size of a button and it is bound to push The Internet of Things (IoT) forward quickly. The IoT is a concept where everyday items (refrigerators, clothes, cars, kitchen devices, etc.) will be connected to the internet. The first time I heard of IoT was in the 2014 Horizon Report for K-12. Yes, I’m a little slow sometimes… There is also a new book out that was shared with me by one of the fellow LITA Bloggers, Erik Sandall, by David Rose titled Enchanted Objects: Design, Human Desire, and the Internet of Things. If you want an interesting read on this topic I recommend checking it out (a little library humor). When I first heard of IoT, I thought it was really interesting, but wasn’t sure how quickly it would fully arrive….

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Amazon Echo

Have you read about Amazon Echo? It is a new consumer product from Amazon that users can ask it questions and receive answers, tell it to play music, request it to add items to your shopping/to do list, etc. I first saw a video about it in October and quickly signed up to receive an invitation to purchase the product. I received my invitation this month and Echo should arrive at my house in May. I’m pretty excited about it for a few reasons. First, Amazon is letting people develop for it. I’m already brainstorming ways the product can be used in both my home and office. Second, I can’t wait to be able to talk to a device without having to push a button. The reviews for the voice recognition aren’t perfect, but they seem really good for a first launch. Finally, I’m also really interested in it as…


LITA Top Tech Trends at Midwinter in Boston

It’s that time again, folks; the semi-annual Top Technology Trends conversation is upon us. This year’s midwinter has us enjoying the history and chill of Boston, but like the last midwinter Top Tech discussion in Denver, you can participate from the warmth of your living room or from wherever you may be, a week from this Sunday. WHERE: Boston Convention Center (BCEC-162A/B), here at litablog.org, from ustream.tv, or via Twitter (#alamwttt) links to follow soon! WHEN: Sunday, January 17, 2010, 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. E.S.T. The start of the second decade of the century starts with five Trendsters who are new to the Top Tech Table: Amanda Etches-Johnson, User Experience Librarian at McMaster University Jason Griffey, Head of Library Information Technology at University of Tennessee, Chattanooga Joe Murphy, Science Librarian, Yale University Lauren Pressley, Instructional Design Librarian, Wake Forest University David Walker, Web Services Librarian, California State University System…


Top Tech Trends – Midwinter 2009 Audio edition

This time around for Top Tech Trends we were able to stream the video, but we weren’t ignoring the audio either! Here’s just an MP3 of the session, edited a tiny bit for length and able to be loaded on to your favorite portable audio player. I apologize in advance for too much keypress noise on the recording. I was monitoring the sound, but couldn’t hear the fact that my typing was so loud! Sorry if that annoys anyone. In any case, here we are: LITA Top Tech Trends from ALA Midwinter 2009!


Top Tech Trends Midwinter 2009 Video

Because the connectivity was so good this year for Top Tech Trends at ALA Midwinter 2009, we were able to use Ustream to live stream the video. That also means that it’s archived by Ustream, and embeddable….so here it is! The entire Top Tech video, to watch at your leisure! We’ll also have an audio-only download/Podcast coming in the next few days, for those that want to listen on the go. If you have other suggestions for where this should be posted, or if you embed the video somewhere, let us know!