Live coverage of the Top Tech Trends MW 2010 Discussion

Update: did you listen, watch, read or attend? Give us your feedback! 1/24/10 update – Alas, we did not manage to capture the audio, as we had intended, but you can read an abridged summary of the conversation and see all the links shared during the session thanks to one of our committee members. The live blog, comments, and tweets tagged #alamwttt can be viewed below. Join the LITA Top Technology Trends Committee on Sunday, January 17, 2010, 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. E.S.T. for a lively discussion of top technology trends in librarianship, with panelists Amanda Etches-Johnson, Jason Griffey, Joe Murphy, Lauren Pressley, and David Walker. The discussion will be moderated by Gregg Silvis. LITA Top Tech Trends Midwinter 2010


Top Tech Trends – Midwinter 2009 Audio edition

This time around for Top Tech Trends we were able to stream the video, but we weren’t ignoring the audio either! Here’s just an MP3 of the session, edited a tiny bit for length and able to be loaded on to your favorite portable audio player. I apologize in advance for too much keypress noise on the recording. I was monitoring the sound, but couldn’t hear the fact that my typing was so loud! Sorry if that annoys anyone. In any case, here we are: LITA Top Tech Trends from ALA Midwinter 2009!


Top Tech Trends Part 4 – Karen Schneider

In part four, we hear from Karen Schneider about her thoughts on the near-future of library technology. If you’re enjoying these podcasts, leave us a comment and let us know…we’d love to hear this is a valuable thing for our members. Plus, it will help us justify expanding our podcasting reach for Annual this summer. Thanks again to Maurice York, whose work allowed us to provide these to the LITA members.


Top Tech Trends

With enormous thanks to Maurice York, the first of many LITA Podcasts! There are seven segments in all for about an hour and forty-five minutes of trending goodness. For the sake of immediacy, this is pretty much the raw audio–not much editing or finessing. A more refined audio experience will be posted as we go. If you enjoy these, be on the lookout for more podcasts from the 2007 ALA Midwinter meeting from LITA. We’ll be podcasting more than just the Top Tech Trends in the upcoming days, including some video from the LITA officers, and reactions to the LITA Town Meeting. If you’ve never subscribed to a podcast before and would like some tips on how to subscribe or applications to use, post a comment to this post and I’ll go more into depth….just trying to get this up quickly for now!