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An Interview with Emerging Leader Catie Sahadath

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Tell us about your library job. What do you love about it? I am the Social Sciences Data Librarian at the University of Ottawa Library. My primary role is providing support for data resources to faculty and students whose research requires secondary resources. This includes helping them with finding, interpreting, manipulating, and analyzing data resources. I work in a small branch that is situated right in the Faculty of Social Sciences building, though I am part of a larger data/GIS/government information team that is based at our main library. I am also the liaison librarian for Feminist and Gender Studies, and Social Work. Sometimes I’m overcome with excitement when I think about how much I enjoy my work. I get to interact with students and faculty, and helping them out brings me a lot of satisfaction. I work in a supportive team environment, which allows me to explore new and innovative…

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IA & UX Meet Library Technology

The class I enjoy the most this semester at Indiana University is Information Architecture. It is a class where theory and practical application are blended so that we can create something tangible, but also understand the approaches – my favorite kind! As defines it, Information Architecture (IA) “focuses on organizing, structuring, and labeling content in an effective and sustainable way.” While the class doesn’t necessarily focus on Library Science since it is offered through the Information Science courses, this concept may sound a bit familiar to those working in a library. In the class, we have chosen a small website we believe could benefit from restructuring. Some students chose public library websites, and others websites from the private sector. Regardless of each website’s purpose, the process of restructuring is the same. The emphasis is placed on usability and user experience (UX), which the ALA Reference and User Services Association defines as “employing user…