Great Bloggers’ Soiree

A big gaggle of us lounged around the Paragon. If you’re in San Jose tomorrow evening and you don’t feel like cabbing to Santana Row, the Paragon is a comfy and elegant choice for cocktails. Energies ran high, we all got to mingle with people we’ve met online, and I had a fantastic glass of cab sauv.

A slightly smaller but still sizable gaggle of us headed over to Johnny Rocket’s afterwards for cheap noshes and those long, deep discussions you only really get with your buddies at conference or other places where you kick back and discuss the state of librarianship and the world, not to mention the role of the narrative voice in blogging. I with my middle-aged stomach am still burping french fries and onion rings, but it was a delightful, unforgettable dinner. Librarians really are the best people in the world.