Rules for First LITA Forum

This is my first Blog posting, my first post to the LITA Blog on my first LITA Forum. That is a lot of firsts for a weekend trip to beautiful San Jose. I learned some important lessons at this first forum. First, fly in Thursday night whether or not you are attending a pre-conference. The second would be that the LITA hotel rate extends for the three days before the forum and for three days after the forum. If the hotel gives you trouble, call the LITA office. Third borrow a laptop from work that doesn’t tend to run hot and if does wear clothes that offer better insulation from the heat, like denim. Fourth, build a little time in for exploring the city but that goes without saying at a conference. Most importantly, do not let your laptop get dropped at security at the airport. Aside from those rather painless lessons, I had a wonderful first forum.