TTT with the Experts – Meeting Agenda

This year at Midwinter, the TTT morning meeting with the experts will be more of a traditional business meeting than a discussion of trends. Attendance at the TTT events has grown tremendously over the last few years (thank you!) and we need to step back, do a little assessment and planning to make sure that it continues to be a positive experience for all involved.

Please note that the meeting will be in a small room and will be blogged for those who can’t make it.

For those who need a trend fix now, some experts have posted to the LITA TTT blog: http://litablog.org/?cat=6

Agenda for Meeting with Experts + Committee

  1. Introductions
  2. Format of annual and midwinter meetings with the experts:what works, what doesn’t, what can be improved.
  • Background/Some issues:
    • Midwinter:
      • We are not allowed to have programs or closed meetings. With the
        current format/size, it has essentially become a program.
      • Traditional “discussion” aspect of MW is missing. Historically,
        midwinter was for the experts to flesh out what they see as
        trends amongst each other in preparation for annual. Now,
        MW is a smaller version of annual with the same format, etc.
    • Annual:
      • With current format, little time left for interaction among
        the experts or with the audience
    • How do collaborative technologies such as the LITA TTT blog and
      IM fit into all of this
  • Some possible solutions:
    • Midwinter:
      • Return to the small room discussion format where experts can
        discuss. The meeting would be blogged so everything presented
        could be shared more broadly.
    • Annual:
      • Keep the current format where experts speak for a limited time,
        leaving plenty of time for discussion/questions for the audience.
      • Have participants (members, experts) submit questions before the
        meeting; experts react/discuss based on those questions.
  1. Other Business?
  • Should the committee change the way it responds to the experts’
  1. (as time permits; very informal)
    Are there any trends which the committee can/should be looking at
    before annual? This will help the committee respond more quickly after annual to
    get information online in a more timely fashion.