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Big Thanks to BIGWIG Machers

Michelle Boule, LITA Blog Scheduling Maven, has again done a great job (and keep those Midwinter posts coming fast and furious, folks!). We had dozens of high-quality posts which serve as info-tainment for current LITA-lubbers, lure for LITA wannabes and maybes, and a convenient archive for ensuring that usefully incriminating evidence such as past guesswork of the Top Tech Trendsters can be exhumed and chuckled over for decades to come. I also feel I know more about LITA IGs and committees from the voices on this blog.

I heard a passing comment at Midwinter that made me realize that some of the LITArati may not know how many people have been involved in the founding and ongoing work on maintaining the blog. Quite a bit has gone on behind the scenes–and will continue to do so, as this is no mere hosted blog, oh no, but a living, breathing, open-source, Creative-Commons-licensed way-tweaked-out WordPress installation!

I do this fearfully, aware in compiling this list we may have forgotten someone, but this blog could not have gotten off its feet without the development, design work, and/or theoretical input from Kevin Clarke, Genny Engel, Jason Griffey, Sarah Houghton, and Blake Carver. Kevin and Jason have been wonderful about updates and extensions to our blog, and as needed, they discuss and quickly implement improvements and updates. Aaron Dobbs, Ranti Junus, and Louise Ratcliffe are just three of the people who contributed heavily in the early discussions about products, licensing, and content organization. This blog is a real LITA baby!

Karen Coombs has advised us she’d like to get more hands-on with the blog, and we welcome that participation. I think we’ll see the roster of participants turn over again and again, but it’s great to witness the enthusiasm and ongoing engagement of those involved since its creation.

— Karen G. Schneider, on behalf of kgs and Clara Ruttenberg, BIGWIG Co-Chairs