ETIG Program in the Big Easy: Audio Book 3.0 – The convergence of the mobile media lifestyle platform

This program will be held on Monday, June 26 from 8:00AM – 11AM in Rooms 340-341 at the (MCC) Morial Convention Center.
Please Forward to anyone you know will be attending and would have an interest in this program!!!

Please join the LITA Emerging Technology Interest Group for a product presentations, a panel discussion and an interactive question and answer session. The session title.

Audio Book 3.0 – The convergence of the mobile media lifestyle platform.

( Please note this title on the program differs slightly, being named Ebook 3.0… While there will be a number of issues raised in the session regarding the way audio books and ebooks are also converging my original focus on ebooks 3.0 appears to be “bleeding edge” at this point and not just yet fully emerging. After extensive discussions with Sony, Apple, iRex and many others the newest push for eInk based ebooks is just not quite ready for prime time. This will likely be a good focus for the upcoming midwinter. With so many failures in the past the vendors are not willing to put there “word” on the line in front of an ALA audience just yet as they CANNOT get it wrong this time.)

This session will be focused on the aBook or Audio Book/Content delivery models and services that are nowmerging and being both taken-up and vigorously tested and implemented by libraries of all types.

The program will have three parts. First, an overview from the speakers on their products/services as of today. Second, a moderated panel conversation on modes of delivery, key challenges, copyright, pricing models, user profiles and user interfaces.

The speakers will be:

1. Christopher Celeste, CEO and Founder of Findaway World. Playaway, the company’s flagship product is a standalone mobile device that is purchased with content already loaded. The Playaway device requires no downloading or copying and is being embraced by many retailers and libraries as an alternative to downloading content. URL: http://www.playawaydigital.com

2. Gillian Harrison, Global Product Manager, NetLibrary NetLibrary, an OCLC company, provides downloadable audio and ebooks. Most will be familiar with the name but the services have been expanded. URL: http://www.netlibrary.com

3. Steve Potash, President and CEO of OverDrive, Inc., OverDrive is a provider of eBook technologies and Digital Rights Management solutions for publishers, retailers and libraries. URL: http://www.overdrive.com.

4. While they had committed to attend Audible.com has just pulled out of the discussion as they will not have a speaker available and will not already be exhibiting at the conference.

The goal of this session is to have a serious conversation with leaders of some of the key companies evolving within libraries in the specific area of audio delivery of books and other content. We will crossover into eBooks and possibly eVideo and how these mediums are being delivered together more and more.

The audience will have an opportunity to gain context in the different approaches of delivery and the service models being offered. The speakers have been asked assist attendees in seeing the pluses and minuses of their model and have already agreed that there is not only “one” approach. Attendees will be encouraged to press the speakers and a each other for clarity and understanding.

Everyone should come away wiser about the possibilities and the difficulties in deploying audiobooks and audio content. They will also be able to meet and establish relationships with the speakers’ companies and with others in attendance who have a common interest in the evolving and rapidly morphing world of audio and crossover content delivery on the mobile device – that thing with wires going into our ears 🙂

Please come enjoy and participate while your coffee revs up your engine on Monday morning.


Eric Ipsen
ETIG Chair
Lafayette, CA

NOTE: The ETIG Interest Group Planning meeting will follow in room MCC Room 275 immediately following this program. 11 AM to 12 No