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Flickr with LITA!

Ladies and gentlemen, charge your camera phones!

Any erstwhile bloggers, LITA Exec/Board types, sundry LITA members, or staff who would like to post to LITA’s Flickr account, give me or Michelle Boule a holler. We have a special email address you can use for posting (good for cameraphones), or you can send pix to the group, below.

The Flickr account:

Consider adding it as a contact…

The group:

Consider joining the group…

Someone on another list raised the question of Flickr’s privacy policy. Is this an issue? Should we discuss it here and/or at ALA?

If you are a Flickr-a-go-go type, the Flickr account could use some prinking–a graphic, etc.–and we would love it if you gave the Flickr account some TLC!