Leslie Burger’s Blogger Bash

Stopped off at Leslie Burger’s Blogger Bash, which turned out to also be a Celebration for Gulf Coast Library Heroes (the PL employees who just kept coming to work to hlep the public — even though they may have been/still are in the same or worse straits as the general public).

Had a grand time, tik-takking away on the sidelines trying to dump everything I heard about the gulf coast libraries into a text file so I could copy & paste it into my blog “later” (read: when I could get free wifi again). Saw & spoke with several fine upstandnig library folken from the gulf coast, and caught up with the lib-bloggers present, including (apologies for forgetting those of you whom I’ve not listed, I’m sure you’ll tease me unmercifully for years to come – especially those of you I’ve linked to the “wrong” blog or heckled when you introduced yourself [really only heckled Karen Schneider: “Who?!”)

So, look for likely posts from at least:

Aaron the Librarian

Free Range Librarian

Library Web Chic

Pattern Recognition

PLA Blog

Thoughts from a Library Administrator

A Wandering Eyre

and many more, I’m sure. We just agreed on a tags for the event — ALA2006, BloggerBash2006