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So, what will I find on the LITA blog?

At the LITA BIGWIG meeting, we were discussing why there is a LITA Blog – a new member said he wasn’t sure of the purpose for the blog. So here’s a little ramble about the LITAblog purpose from the middle of the meeting…

Going back to ancient history, I recall the original intent was to Blog the conferences (I think it was ALA-specific conferences). I blabbed off a quickie summary of the history of the intent(s) and have no idea what I said. but there was general agreement that the paragraph below is what you should expect to find here on LITA Blog.
Luckily, Chris Strauber has a great memory and he shared a summary of what I said with me:

LITA Blog is for posting any library technology related conference content so non-attendees will have access to it, posting content which is related to conference content, and not duplicating conversations which are going on elsewhere unless we can add something to that discussion.

People have asked what is appropriate content for blog posts, can they post business meetings, etc. BIGWIG seems agreed that business meeting posts are welcome, as well as programming, as well as anything LITA related.

If you are a new submitter / have used your litablog account infrequently, likely you will be parked in the moderation queue for a few posts. This is to ensure your identity isn’t hijacked as much as to make spamming more difficult. It’s a user-centered service, not an impediment nor an insult.

Anyway, this post will probably be clarified by a later post covering the BIGWIG meeting. Thanks for reading!