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Tool Kit for the Expert Web Searcher now a wiki

As some of you may have noticed, I have had trouble keeping the Tool Kit for the Expert Web Searcher current. In the process of preparing for my latest update, I found that the wiki function had become available, and the Tool Kit seemed ideal for that — um, once Bonnie Postlethwaite suggested it to me, anyway.

So here it is: Tool Kit for the Expert Web Searcher. The Web page won’t be taken down, at least for quite a while, because the URL is pretty widespread, and I want people to be able to find the new version. Soon, a cross link should be on the old page.

Because of the nature of wikis, this is really an experiment, and I’m kinda skeered about what’s going to happen. I want to open the Tool Kit to the expertise and contributions of others; at the same time, I want it to continue to be selective and trustworthy. Right now, it’s open, but that might end up needing to be modified. I guess at the moment, though, I’d be glad to even see anyone paying attention to it!

I hope you’ll take a look at the revised content, since I’ve added a couple of new sections, “Blog Searching” and “Podcast Searching,” and expanded “Multimedia Searching.” See what you think!