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A new corner of the LITA Blog: Standards Watch

It goes without saying that most of us spend our days busily going about our work and only rarely stick our heads above water. Time passes quickly, though, and now that the fall is well underway for most of us, the time is nigh to stick our heads up, survey the environment and report on progress.

The fall has been a busy one for me—October in particular seemed to involve packing and unpacking my increasingly battered suitcases more than usual. A big part of the October flurry of activity involved showing off the first year’s progress of the NSDL Registry (my primary project at the moment) at the Dublin Core Conference in Mexico and the NSDL Annual meeting in Washington, D.C. I’m happy to say that I’ll have the chance to introduce the registry to several ALA audiences at Midwinter, at the LITA Standards IG meeting (already announced), and the ALCTS Subject Analysis Committee (not yet announced) both on Saturday of Midwinter. The Standards IG presentation will also include an introduction to the Simple Knowledge Organisation System (SKOS) by Joe Tennis of the University of British Columbia.

Interspersed with all this activity have been numerous background conversations on standards in general and how to increase LITA’s (and ALA’s) involvement in standards processes. One of the two important strategies to move these goals forward is the Standards Watch category on the LITA Blog, for which this is the first post (not the last, certainly, and hopefully not all by me!). The second strategy involves the LITA Wiki, still in development, where information about standards in process can be gathered and made available to interested members. As soon as the wiki becomes available I will set up the standards area and invite participation from interested members.

I believe that these efforts can help us maintain our activity between conferences, and make our participation as effective as it can be. I look forward to working with the Standards IG and other LITA groups and others with an interest in standards activities. Please feel free to comment on this post or email me with your ideas and suggestions.

Diane I. Hillmann
LITA Standards Coordinator

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