Digital Libraries Interest Group

Sunday, January 21 1:30pm to 2:30pm.

Some topics presented for future discussion:

  • How is Web 2.0 being used?
  • GIS Systems: metadata requirements
  • Institutional Repositories: capturing data output from faculty
  • Raw Data Storage: practices and procedures, storage of statistical data and field research
  • National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program (NDIIP)
  • Digitization practices for cultural and heritage collections
  • Partnering and sharing of resources for digitization projects

Discussion Topic: Education and Preparation of Digital Librarians.

Question: What is being taught in current library and information school programs?

Several students who are currently enrolled in a program responded to this question. Some reported they are taking metadata classes that cover topics such as crosswalks and standards. Other courses being taught include web design, archiving, and preservation.

Those involved in a practicum or internship are working on projects that include activities such as document scanning, working with cataloging, and creating metadata.

Question: What are employers looking for?

Those responding to the question are currently hiring or employ digital librarians. Attributes of a digital librarian include a diverse blend of skills, such as marketing and technical knowledge (especially database management). It was recommended that those interested should look at the ARL job description for a digital librarian.

Emory is currently training PhD students from other fields to do this work because of a librarian shortage.

Question: How are collections going to be used? How will they be found?

Some libraries are working with early digital libraries to standardize their metadata. Collections work with various interfaces. It was noted that it is important to make collections crawlable.

Question: What alternatives are there for learning about digital libraries, especially for those who already have a graduate degree in library science? How do we fill in our knowledge and make ourselves more marketable?


  • School for Scanning
  • Project Management Institute
  • Cornell University Library’s digitization services
  • Tennessee currently offers in-state training, but will be available to others soon
  • OCLC programs
  • SirsiDynix
  • Wikipedia
  • Conferences: code4lib, Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (sponsored by ACM and IEEE)