OITP Advisory Committee Meeting

  • Welcome, Intro, General Update
    * OITP is busy & being approached to do more work
    * ALA Presidential Candidate visits:
    — Davenport — Information Technology Policy is an area ALA will need to focus upon (she said more & I like her candidacy)
    — Rettig — Technology is pervasive in the association and he would encourage conversations across the association to get consensus on technology concerns (he said more, too & I like his candidacy)
  • Gates Connectivity and E-Rate Project
    * Gates wants their results fairly quickly
    * Base data is not really available
    * OITP has to do (contract out) the basic research as well as interpretation of the results
  • Digitization Project
    Discussed background, goals & timeline, and a draft of principles that are already laid out in various current ALA policy, etc.
  • Participatory Networking Report
    * Building methods to describe participatory networks
    * Describe how libraries are facilitators of the conversation
    * How the 2.0 movements affect the library and the conversation
    * Recommendations
    — Libraries must be active in these conversations (policy level, as well as mechanincs level)
    — Understand the networks and create a test bed (shared services, skills provision, standing research agenda)
  • OITP Communications (Part of the District Dispatch)
    * Blog
    * Podcasts
    * Second Life (ALA Washington Office)
  • Web Project
    * Public Libraries and the Internet web-based custom report generation (more in Telecommunications SubCommittee meeting)
  • E-Gov Workshop
    * Based on data out of the Public Libraries and the Internet report will look for grant money to build a workshop for to help state-level entities and Public Libraries
  • Strategic Plan
    * Will be edited/wordsmithed out-of-committee with advisory committee volunteers and OITP staff

  • E-Rate Task Force reports/issues
  • Copyright SubCommittee reports/issues
    * Reports from annual
    — L. Ray Patterson Award to Prue Adler
    Copyright Advisory Network exponential growth (500K+ hits in 2006)
    * Section 108 Study Group from LC
    — Position papers available
  • Telecommunications SubCommittee reports/issues
    * Meeting on Sunday 1/21/07 – details will be in the summary post on that