OITP Telecommunications Subcommittee

  • Welcome & Comments
  • Legislative/Regulatory Update
    * Outcomes of 109th Congress
    — “Not too much” harm done?
    * “Predictions” for 110th Congress
    — Universal Service reform (E-Rate)
    — Network Neutrality
    — Spectrum Allocation/Ownership
    — DOPA (again)
    * State Issues
    — S-DOPA (State-level DOPA look-alikes)
    — Idaho is already facing an S-DOPA
    *Other news
    — E-Rate is 10 years old this February
  • Internet2 – Presentation from Lou Fox
    * Defined I2
    * K20
    * Demoed some projects utilizing K20/I2
    * Last mile & bandwidth/workstation difficulties
    * Immedeate issue is not getting 10meg to every workstation, the issue is getting access to the network to experiment and see how the bandwidth can support applications for multiple audiences (public libraries)
    * High res and detailed streaming programs are being produced at academic libraries on I2
    * Need to figure out how to do a national non-profit which can apply for E-Rate nationally, how to leverage the human component not the applications
  • Online Connectivity Report Generation
    * Interactive State Reports (alpha version of service demo)
    —This will enable people to make localized data which can be used for advocacy at the state level as well the prepackaged national data from the study
    — Form provides spaces to enter targetted paragraphs
    — Reports provided in created-on-the-fly pdf files
    * The data behind the scenes is important
    — Need to get *your* public library to answer the “Public Libraries and the Internet” survey from FSU (at the individual library level, not just the consortial level)
  • Gates Connectivity Project Update
    * Research grant to investigate high-speed connectivity in US public libraries
    * Focusing on “vulnerable” (at risk) states
    * Data crunched by mid-year at the latest
    * Target date for publishing report ~June 07
  • Telecommunications Principles Document
    * Subcommittee members will review and discuss on the listservs