Ready, Set, Blog! – Volunteer Bloggers Needed for ALA Midwinter 07

ALA Midwinter is coming up soon, and we are again looking for volunteers to help us report back on the exciting things happening at this year’s Meeting.

If you plan on attending and would like to do a short “write up” on one of the sessions for the LITA Blog, please contact me, Jonathan Blackburn, with your name and the sessions you would like to cover. I assure you this is a painless process and one that is sure to reap untold rewards for those of us (like myself) who will not able to attend this year.

Also, if you have any suggestions for what sessions you would like to see covered, please do not be shy to point these out, as well. You can find the still-evolving Blog schedule for Midwinter here.

I am available for questions, suggestions, or “free pie” anytime. My e-mail again is jblackbu@mailer.fsu.edu. (Just kidding about the “free pie”!)


  1. Brian McManus

    I will be attending the Midwinter Conference in a couple of days and am looking for a way to contribute and be involved. Before I fully commit, I would like to know specifically what you mean by a “write up”. Just notes or actual minutes?

    Brian McManus

  2. AaronDobbs

    Hi Brian,

    Write ups generally have been all over the continuum — from short opinion pieces to detailed almost transcriptions. There’s always a program that someone wanted to go to, but didn’t get to make it. Anything you want to post will likely be appreciated; and discussions by other attendees are also fun.


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