All your LITA

are belong to you. The official list of all things LITA can be found on the LITA website.

We are a busy group, as the time-slot conflicts demonstrate. What is it with the 1:30pm to 3:30pm slot on Saturday (10 overlaps) and the 10:30 to Noon slot on Sunday (9 overlaps)?! I guess we like to sleep in 🙂

Remember, the LITA Blogger’s Room is WCC 154B — Friday through Tuesday (8am-6pm) — LITA is sponsoring the room, but anyone who wants to (LITA member or not) is welcome to plug-in & power up with us.

Interestingly, the LITA Happy Hour is not [at the time of this post] listed on Friday evening on the LITA website. If you know the details, you know what to do… listed on this page: It’s Saturday, 5:30pm to 8pm at the Capitol City Brewing Company.

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