Committee Chairs Breakout Sat 9:30am

Aaron has once again given the meeting essentials in agenda order, so I’m going to meander through my notes on the meeting nuggets.

After Chairs Coordinator Scott Muir distributed service recognition certificates, he reviewed the various resources available to committees for self-orientation and continuing support. Aaron posted the list in his entry.

If Committees find themselves in the position of needing to revise their Committee charge text or if they feel the Committee needs more members, it is most appropriate to consult the By-Laws and Organization Committee.

One attendee asked about how a Committee goes about removing portions of the web site and Committee pages, and Aaron Dobbs admitted to being responsible for all of that content editing.

Susan Logue filled in the Chairs regarding the recent merging of Regional Institutes and Education Committees. The merged committees will continue under the title of Education Committee. They will be considering LITA educational needs and the appropriate technologies to use for delivery of educational offerings.

Since everyone had arrived early, we finished the meeting early. People hardly knew what to do, so we did a little hanging out and talking. I was approached by our esteemed LITA Forum organizer regarding activities we might implement for Membership Development in the upcoming Forum in Denver. We have several ideas, including a new members/potential members session for discussing LITA, a less formal Interest dinner [my term] for new or potential members and other possible activities. If anyone is interested in supporting these ideas at the Forum, please let me know – my contact info will be in the LITA Roster.