Interest Group Break Out – 6/23/07

Matt Calsada chaired the break-out session business meeting. WCC Rm 209 B, 9 – 10 a.m.

Introductions … 20 attended.
Discussion about renewals … it’s so important that the paperwork be completed… forms are available on the website. Also, the reports and chair(s) signatures are required. The following IGs are up for renewal: BIGWIG, Electronic Resources Mgmt, Human/Machine INterface, Internet Resources & Services, JPEG 2000 in Archives & Libraries, RFID Technology, Standards, and Topic Maps.

Gail Clement fielded questions …
— Do you “have” to come before PPC? You do have to “submit” a proposal and it will be reviewed by PPC. The time slots are limited, so everyone can’t appear anyway. Proposals can be mailed or faxed by first week of July to allow for new proposals after “business meetings” at Annual. However, if you do come in person, you’ll have access to the experience of PPC memberships. Forms are on the website under Lita.org… committee…. program planning, bottom link for 2008 Anaheim: Proposal Form. Please try to follow the procedures in the LITA Manual. If the proposal is really clean and well done, then, it’s possible that LITA PPC can approve it in a short time table.
— Program was booked in two different places (how did this happen)? Gail does not know… she had heard that this happened with other programs and is a larger picture problem. January 30 is the “drop-dead” deadline for programs. There is a master database with every program, speakers, etc. in the LITA office. But, Gail has noticed that data has gotten lost and/or corrupted and tried to correct it in time for the final program. Gail will bring to LITA Board. (After discussion, it was revealed that it’s possible that programs that are co-sponsored may be generating duplication, particularly when across divisions.) Gwen will check with Valerie Edmonds and/or Melissa Prentice.
— Should Managed Discussions go through PPC? Well, if you want to be “tracked” – then yes.
— Explanation of the “colored” spreadsheet… this is showing blocked out times from ALA and there are new “no conflict” times that must be protected for the vendors. Some favored time slots have to be changed. Each IG often has a “traditional” time slot, but you can always request something else each year.
— What’s happening with taping? Two programs were in conflict with other ALA programs. In the end, the vendor pulled out. Now, LITA has gotten approval for IG’s and Committees to set up their own taping … as long as speaker release forms are signed. If you let LITA know, it’s possible that LITA could help. BIGWIG also has digital recorders that could be used … if known in advnace. (Check out the “walk-through license” concept or putting the “approval” on the first slide of a powerpoint… basically, informed consent.) Remember, too, that equal access means that we need to be prepared to offer a “print-out” or description of visual content as needed if we are podcasting or recording in any way. You should always announce that it’s being recorded and tell how the recording will be distributed.
— How are the tapings being distributed? BIGWIG will post to LITA blog. There is also an archive on the LITA website.

PPC has been asked to help generate revenue with preconferences. Unfortunately, this year’s was cancelled and so the issue of devloping preconferences should be addressed. At this meeting, PPC is asking the IG’s to think about sponsoring or creating a preconference. LITA really wants 2-3 each year at Annual. We have enountered logistic problems because of the tech needs, but it can be done. Some indicators: A good speaker (and if the speakers are not ALA members, then many of their costs can be covered). If you notice that the time slot wasn’t enough, then maybe it’s a good program idea for a preconference. Remember, most preconferences are only about 40 attendees so off-site program is possible. Think about a vendor-sponsored preconference as well. Consider brainstorming at your meetings.

There are some issues with getting the incoming and outgoing chairs updated for IGs. Gail is aware of this and hopefully, this can be corrected this year. Right now, there are about 3 IGs per PPC liaison.. so there are some delays. Matt & Tim said that PPC can send them the list and they’ll update.
Matt asked that co-chairs also be added to the list… send the names to Matt and he’ll take care of it.

Is there any information that should be covered here? Someone mentioned that it was difficult to figure out “who does what” – on LITA staff level as well as web foks, etc. LITA office doesn’t always acknowledge IG requests. Tim (webmaster) also has to forward content to LITA office. Also, big request for more forms online… we shouldn’t really have to go to LITA office for forms at conference.

Is the one-hour format OK? yes, so far.

We shouldn’t despair, in reality, the IG meeting forum is working very well and it does give everyone an opportunity to talk and ask questions. Communication is getting better and better.

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  1. mcalsada

    Thanks to all of the IG Chairs that came and contributed your feedback on how IGs as a group are doing within LITA. As you elect ned IG Co-Chairs/Vice-Chairs PLEASE remind them about and bring them along to the the IG Chairs meetings.

    If there is any IG Chairs/Vice-Chairs not on the COMCHAIR mailing list, let me know. I can take care of that fairly quickly.

    Also remember to submit your meeting reports (business meetings and programs). The attendance sheets that you distribute during your meetings should be copied and then also sent to the LITA office. [“A Membership List/Meeting Sign-up Sheet should be circulated at each meeting of the Group for all attendees to sign. The list is then forwarded to the LITA Office.” quoted from http://www.lita.org/ala/lita/aboutlita/org/litamanual/litamanualsection6.cfm%5D

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