Joint Committee and IG Chairs meeting Sat 8am

I along with Aaron didn’t quite make the beginning of the meeting, so I’m going to ad-lib a bit:

This meeting is for the purpose of introducing new IG and Committee Chairs with each other and with some of the people who will be very important to them during their term of leadership. All current, incoming and hopefuls will be well served by attending this meeting and find out how various LITA members and LITA staff members interact with committees and IGs.

The “take home” point of the meeting that I’d like to highlight is from the report/comments by Program Planning Committee Chair Gail Clement. Gail helped us all understand that LITA’s nimble program planning techniques are what allow us to hit on hot technology topics, but we all can be mindful that the earlier we begin planning our programs, the more PPC has time and space to help us find co-sponsorship, track them properly and logically and in general craft them into the superb programs we all want to experience. IGs and Committees can expect a quick implementation process, but please go gentle into the realm of expecting PPC and LITA staff to pull the rabbit out of the hat for every program.

In short: use it, don’t abuse it.