LITA Joint Committe and IG Chairs

Saturday June 23, 2007 8:00 – 9:00 am
Washington Convention Center 209

  1. 1. Introductions all around
  2. President Bonnie Postelwaithe
  3. Vice President Mark Beatty
    (I was stuck on a long bus and missed these 1st three)
  4. Executive Director Mary Taylor
    1. LITA experiences 5% growth this year
      1. Mostly student members, we need to help our new mebers find their place in LITA
    2. National Forum in Nashville was a success, see you in Denver
    3. 4 Regional Institutes this year
      1. Mosly licensed by consortia and  institutions
    4. Schuman Publishers will be publishing LITA Guides
      1. So LITA gets 10% discounts from Schumann and ALA Editions LITA publications
    5. LITA-L moved to Sympa
  5. Program Planning Chair Gail Clement
    Spoke about how LITA’s PPC is seen by other Division’s groups as a good model
    LITA PPC 1 year process is nimble, yet has a clear process to catch and fix omissions and errors
  6. LITA Web Manager David Altenhof
    We’ve changed to the new CMS (first member unit to do so), it’s been a controlled crash so far 🙂
    Discussion about LITA site errors — if you’re having a problem, please please please report the problem to ALA IT or Help Desk (just a quick email with error and date & time of error will do)
    LITA Blog is alive and well, 27 volunteers covering >32 sessions
  7. New Business / Questions
    Adjourned to Breakouts sessions


  1. Peter Murray

    Filling in the early gaps…

    Mark noted that almost all of the committees have been populated and that he has a few people “in the wings” if a committee needs to be repopulated due to people dropping off. Contact him should you need help in this area.

  2. Mark

    I find it quite interesting all the talk lately about welcoming new members and helping them find a place to fit in the organization. I must also say that I am very glad to see it.

    I say that as a member in his 1st year who received not a word of any sort (email, journal,…) from LITA for a full 6 months after joining. Despite that, I have no doubt LITA will be wanting their renewal fee at the normal time. I’m also pretty sure that I won’t be providing that until LITA gets a handle on this issue, which I’d say is probably bigger than you even think.

    I do wish LITA well in this and all of their endeavors. Just not enough to throw away more of my limited dollars.

  3. Mark

    I wanted to add an update that I have been contacted by LITA and that official steps are being taken to preclude whatever disconnect happened in my membership from happening to anyone else.

    I have been personally welcomed into the fold and look forward to my future time with LITA.

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