ALA Annual 2007 – The Ultimate Debate

LITA podcast logoNext in our series of podcasts from ALA Annual 2007 is The Ultimate Debate: Do Libraries Innovate? Moderated by LITA Vice-President Andrew Pace and featuring Joseph Janes, Stephen Abrams, and K.G. Schneider talking about libraries, innovation, and a great deal more. The audio file is rather large and lengthy (clocking in at an hour and fifty minutes) but it is worth every moment…lots of thought-provoking discussion between these three excellent speakers.

Thanks go out to Joe Fisher for the recording of this program, and dealing with the troubles related to managing an over-a-gigabyte audio file. Thanks, Joe!

And now: The Ultimate Debate.


  1. Winona Salesky

    Just wanted to say thanks for posting the podcasts. I was not at ALA, and have found these a great way to keep up.

  2. Karin Dalziel

    The sound quality here really is nice- anyone have any info on the equipment used?

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  7. Kevin

    Thanks for posting the podcasts, like Karin said above, it is a great way to keep up for people that can’t travel down to see it in person

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