Top Technology Trends – ALA Annual 2007, part 7

LITA podcast logoThe final of our Top Technology Trend podcasts from this year’s ALA Annual meeting is here! Now that all of the Trendsters have spoken their minds, we give them a chance to challenge each other and respond to the audience.

Next week, we’ll begin rolling out more podcasts from ALA Annual 2007, including the audio of the LITA President’s program as well as the Great Debate. Stay tuned!

If you’re enjoying the podcasts, and want to make sure that this sort of thing continues within LITA and the ALA, let us know! Leave comments and suggestions so that we know what everyone wants to see moving forward…let us know who you enjoyed the most, and if you’d like to see something done differently in presenting these to you.

Thanks for listening to the LITA Top Tech Trends podcasts from ALA 2007, and stay tuned next week for the LITA President’s Program as well as the complete audio from the Great Debate!

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