Keynote Speakers for LITA Forum 2007

Keynote Sessions

Don’t miss these great Keynote Speakers at the LITA National Forum:

The Scientific and Social Challenges of Global Warming
Jeffrey Kiehl, Senior Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Colorado

Global warming is the greatest environmental crisis facing humanity. The magnitude of climate warming to occur in this century has not occurred for millions of years. The rapidness of the change is unprecedented. I will briefly review the science of global warming and its implications for society. I will also explore the difficulties in communicating aspects of global warming to the public. Finally, I will explore how humans
disconnect from Nature and the social implications of this disconnection.

The Future is not out of Reach: Change, Library 2.0, and Emerging Trends
David King, Digital Branch and Services Manager at Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library in Kansas

Change is good, but sometimes it is also hard. Emerging tech trends are also good, but sometimes the change needed to implement those emerging trends feels like scaling a mountain! David will discuss these changes and emerging trends. he will discuss the current social networking transformation taking place, and apply those changes to a library setting. Then David will discuss the changes a library needs to make to meet and participate in our new online, participatory world. Finally, David will take a look down the path, and discuss tech changes coming in the next 5 years.

In Our Cages With Golden Bars
Jeremy Frumkin, Gray Chair for Innovative Library Services at Oregon State University

Libraries have a long-standing tradition of providing quality information and information services. These traditions have and continue to serve us well. However, the ever-evolving digital world is forcing us to look beyond our traditions and extend our thinking about how we provide our services, and what services we are providing. How can we think outside of our cages with golden bars? How do we move beyond simply improving on our existing systems and services, and move to pursuing better ways of providing information and information support services to our users?