5-minute madness

This was a good idea and we should repeat it in future Forum years … maybe even at ALA. The program proposal submission and acceptance timeline is so long, this is the only way to get some of the late-breaking news from people who are doing interesting projects. Next time, though, let’s do this in a room with Internet access!

Meebo widget at University of Utah

Meebo widget added to their user instruction web site redesign — why Meebo? It integrates with blog software like WP, plus, is a standalone widget that goes in your web page, which means it doesn’t require any specific client to be installed on the user’s computer.

“We can dismiss these as fads, or we can incorporate them into our site. We deal with incoming freshmen, and this is what they’re using.” That’s why they decided to incorporate them.
Widget is embedded on ALL pages not just Ask a Librarian page (cited Wells, 2003 p. 136 “Chat request button needs to be on all frequently-used web pages”).

RSS Feed – New acquisitions at BYU

Ranny Lacanienta, ranny@byu.edu
4,500 new titles a month so he split it into subject specific feeds
Also offers “Custom Feed”

Oops, I forgot to ask if I could have his code 🙂

LOCKSS for local materials

Ranti Junus – their issue is exactly that of the last Q&A from the second keynote: The library used to receive campus publications in print, but now they no longer receive the publications at all, since departments view “publishing” on web in PDF to be the end of their distribution process. So the library is seeking ways to grab the PDF content and auto-archive it.

The MetaArchive Project was their inspiration.


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