Jeremy Frumkin Keynote Podcast – LITA Forum 2007

Last in the LITA forum 2007 Podcast series is the Sunday Keynote from Jeremy Frumkin, entitled “In Our Cages with Golden Bars.”

I hope that everyone enjoyed the keynote podcasts, and the blogging, from LITA Forum 2007. Join us next year in Cincinnati, OH, for LITA Forum 2008.


  1. Genny

    Now I’m almost sorry I attended — the sound quality of the podcast is better than the sound the audience heard in the room! Nice job, Jason 🙂

    I think LibraryOn may be a good concept for academic libraries — but in the public library it seems like LibraryOn would work even better when the patron is NOT in the library. The vast majority of our customers’ use of our web site and databases is when they’re at home or work. How cool would it be if they could do a Google or Amazon search, or be browsing the LA Times web site, and have LibraryOn pop up and say, oh, BTW, do you want to reserve that book at the library? Or read that article online? Enter your (geolocation database determined) public library card number here:

  2. jgriffey

    Thanks, Genny. I do my best. 🙂

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