IG Chair meeting, Saturday 9 a.m.

IG Chairs that were represented at the meeting:
Authority & Control
Distance Learning
Open Source Systems
Internet Resources

Remember to renew your Interest Group.
Everyone should have gotten an email about the renewal … if you are the chair, you need to be so listed on the website. Check the ComChair list.
Many groups are up for renewal and should really contact Mary Ellen Tyckoson.
Renewal is streamlined now and please take care of it at midwinter … print off the form from the website or get it from the ALA-LITA office. Review the description of the group, submit 3 reports from the last 3 Annual Meetings, and sign.
Question: have renewals ever been denied? Sometimes, the renewal is postponed if the information isn’t complete. Actually, there is no official mechanism for an IG to be disbanded, but Mary Ellen will look into it. To change a description, petition to change the name. The IG part of the LITA manual has been revised and will be posted by end of Midwinter.

Program proposals… it’s really not clear what the exact deadlines are for annual. For instance, what are the dates for Annual 2009? Right now, the 2008 cycle is up. It was recommended that we check the PPC web page for the latest dates…. And hopefully the 2009 cycle will be up there soon. It’s really important to have a direct contact with PPC to get your group and idea on the PPC radar.

Remember, managed discussions at Midwinter do not need to be “approved” by PPC… but they will not be marketed either. It will only be listed as a meeting by your Interest Group.

How do you market things for your IG events?

  • Usually, near the sign up area, there are pigeon hole boxes
  • give out the flyer at other meetings
  • get it out on the listservs
  • put it at the LITA table
  • get your speakers to post on their blogs
  • word of mouth
  • Open House at Annual (usually it’s early in the Annual conference, for Anaheim, it’s Saturday 4-5 and Happy Hour is 5-6)
  • Really need catchy titles
  • Co-sponsoring across divisions can really work because you are marketing to a bigger group more easily.

Don’t write off Midwinter as a good venue since the attendance is often better because you’re not competing with other programs.

Conflicts continue to be a problem at Annual, and often, programs are on the same topic. PPC does not see the other division programs until too late. But, we need to make sure that LITA programs aren’t creating conflicts as well. IG chairs should consider sharing their “ideas” early on, perhaps at meetings like this. PPC would need to be part of this process. Sunday afternoon already has LITA president’s program and Top Trends. You might consider getting a Sunday morning slot to try to create a LITA day.

Why aren’t we using Technology to share our ideas? Why aren’t we using technology to shorten the process? Again, as we all know, we are facing the problem of technology moving faster than the planning process allows. BIGWIG just uses “showcase” in their description which allows last minute additions that are very trendy and relevant. BIGWIG checked the rules… and it is allowed!!! PPC is sympathetic to this situation. Again, “managed discussion” may be the way to go. In the end, many of the IG’s at the table said that the program descriptions may have to be vague … but realize your marketing has be viral prior to the conference because your program description may not be much of draw in the conference book. For the ALA Agenda planner, it is important to be sure your titles match up … don’t change those … and check on your location.

Remember that ALA blocks out slots and no-conflict time are sacrosanct.

If you are an IG chair, you should be on the ComChair email distribution list. Holly Yu (HYu3@calstatela.edu) is new IG coordinator. She asked if there are things we want her to do. Mostly the group agreed that it’s information dissemination and posting to the web. Also, it would be good if Holly could help orient new chairs.

Be sure to check at the LITA table for hand-outs, sign up sheets, all forms, and message box. ALA “desk” also has the needed forms.

Evaluations are only done for programs. You may want to do an evaluation for a “managed discussion” if that evaluation would be worthwhile information.

See you at Annual.