RFID on Your Mind?

If it is, and you’ll be in Philadelphia for Midwinter, make sure this session is on your calendar:

RFID Interest Group will meet on:
Saturday, January 12th, 1:30-3:30 pm at the MARRIOT, Salon B

1) RFID Tag Quality and Emerging Standards by leading RFID Scientists Paul Sevcik and Roger Larson

“Is one RFID tag the same as another RFID tag? Absolutely not! And standard, accepted accelerated aging testing proves this. Some tags will fail over time – how does this impact your system? What are the emerging RFID tag standards, why are they important, and what will they provide for your library? What can systems provide to allow for changing standards? Come learn about the latest about RFID tag quality and emerging RFID standards.”

2) RFID Standards Update by NISO RFID Standards Working Group Chair Vinod Chachra

“What standard is NISO going to recommend in the U.S? Will it be the Danish Standard? Please come and learn what the RFID Standard recommendation will be for the U.S.”

For more information, contact:
Jacob Haas
RFID Interest Group Chair