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In 1908, Thomas Edison stated “Anything, Everything is Possible.”
According to Smithsonian Magazine, the events and innovations that occurred a century ago marked America’s entry into the modern world. The innovations in 1908 literally put us in motion.
Wilbur Wright flew 2 hours and 20 minutes.
Henry Ford introduced the Model T to the masses.
The First Skyscraper – the Singer Building was built in NYC.

At ALA’s Annual Discussion, K.G. Schneider said there were two ways to look at this years library tech trends.
– Architecture of Aesthetics
– Architecture of Participation

Below are a few new concepts Alexander Cohen collected for LITA that affect the Library of the Future and its’ Architecture of Aesthetics…

Google’s Library Digitization Projects, Artificial Intelligence / Web Search Projects
Virtual Streetscapes
Kindle Amazon’s Ebook Reader
Harvard’s Green Campus: LEED Status

Bibliotheca Alexandrina “recapture the spirit of openness and scholarship”
British Library Books Go Digital
RFID @ Las Vegas Clark County Library District
Steelcase “Thinking about the Virtual Environment
Daylighting “architects use of natural atrium lighting, acrylic building materials to light the Library.”
Digital Storage

Alexander Cohen noted areas that affect the Library of the Future. Areas the trendsters K.G. Schneider noted as the Architecture of Participation…

European Library’s API’s

MIT’s Dspace / IBM’s EDepot: Digital Asset Management
Social Networking: FacebookThe Espresso Book Machine
Betterworld Books and Hands Across the Water “reselling library books to public”

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Open Source Projects: Druple
World Universities Forum: Feb 2008
$100 Dollar Laptop

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    The First Skyscraper – the Singer Building was built in NYC.

    Maybe the first skyscraper in New York! More here…

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