Standards Watch

Additional NISO Votes Coming Up

Because of the number of new things forwarded to us by Cindy Hepfer, ALA Representative to NISO, I’m going to make some consolidated announcements of some of the more specialized documents, so as not to overwhelm everyone.

1. ISO/DIS 16245, Information and documentation — Boxes, file covers and other enclosures, made from cellulosic materials, for storage of paper and parchment documents. This is an ISO Committee Draft up for a vote, and Cindy needs any responses for this standard by Monday, June 2.

2. ISO/FDIS 9707, Information and documentation — Statistics on the production and distribution of books, newspapers, periodicals and electronic publications. This is another ISO Committee Draft up for a vote, and Cindy asks that any responses for this standard be sent to her by March 4.

3. ISO/DTR 28118, Information and documentation — Performance indicators for national libraries. This ISO Committee Draft needs comments back to Cindy by April 15.

As always, those desiring to review the drafts should contact either Cindy Hepfer ( or me ( — please indicate whether you’re an ALA member! Interested reviewers from countries other than the U.S. should contact their national standards body about the procedure for submitting votes on ISO standards.