LITA Election podcasts

Upcoming next week: the 2008 LITA Election podcast series! Last year we serenaded you with the dulcet tones of our nominees, to try and help you make informed choices about next year’s LITA Leadership. This year, we will do the same. All of the nominees were asked to participate in a question and answer session, and 6 of them took us up on the offer.

With the help of the amazing David Lee King, we’re processing those interviews now, and will begin rolling them out next Monday, March 10th. We’ll have all of the audio out before the opening of the polls on March 17th, and we can all exercise our voting privileges.

So make sure and swing by on Monday the 10th, and stay tuned all through the week. If you have any questions or problems with the podcasts as they are posted, please leave a comment and we’ll follow up asap.