Getting Started with Drupal

Getting Started with Drupal (a.k.a. Drupal4LITA Bootcamp)
Preconference, June 27th, 2008
Anaheim Public Library

Cary Gordon of the Cherry Hill Company, a vendor specializing in support of open source software, gave an extremely detailed introduction to Drupal 6.2, the latest version of the open source content management system. The attendees came from a variety of library types, including academic, public, and special, and with a variety of experience levels with the system.

Flash drives with the XAMPP server/database combination pre-installed were distributed along with the components for a Drupal installation.

The morning focused on setting up Apache, the MySQL database, some PHP settings, and a basic install of Drupal. The afternoon covered modules (the building blocks of a Drupal site), user permissions, basic content creation, and an introduction to Drupal’s specialized vocabulary: nodes, taxonomies, menus, blocks. The program concluded with an excellent list of Drupal-related resources available on the web.

The location, the computer lab in the Children’s section of the Anaheim Public Library, added a nice light-hearted touch. Library staff, particularly Thomas Edelblute, were unfailingly cheerful and helpful. ALA’s catering arrangements, among other things handled personally by Melissa Prentice of the LITA office, were excellent and welcome.

Powerpoint slides for Gordon’s workshop, with configuration instructions and lots of screenshots. Watch that site (and this one) for updates and more information.