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Arabic language experts please note!

Cindy Hepfer, ALA Voting representative to NISO has notified us that there is a systematic review ballot of ISO 233-2:1993, Arabic simplified transliteration, going on at this time.

The formal name of the published standard is ISO 233-2:1993, Information and documentation – Transliteration of Arabic characters into Latin characters – Part 2: Arabic language – Simplified transliteration.

According to the Scope statement in the standard: “This part of IS0 233 establishes a simplified system for the transliteration of Arabic characters into Latin characters. This simplification of the stringent rules established by IS0 233:1984 is especially intended to facilitate the processing of bibliographic information (e.g. catalogues, indices, citations, etc.).”

As is usually the case with these ballots, ALA is not voting on the standard itself but rather is providing feedback to NISO as to whether to approve or disapprove the standard. Our vote options are Confirm (as is), Revise/Amend, Withdraw (the standard), or Abstain (from the vote). Comments are required for all votes other than Confirm. NISO will review and consider this feedback prior to submitting the U.S. vote.

Because we cannot provide links to ISO documents directly, those ALA members desiring to review the standards for the purposes of advising ALA should contact Cindy directly at (I’d appreciate being copied, if you’re responding as a result of this post). In the absence of other recommendations, ALA will recommend that NISO vote to confirm ‘ISO 233: 1883’ (with comments, if any).

Comments are due to Cindy by Nov. 24, 2008.

Diane Hillmann
LITA Standards Coordinator